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An authoring tool is the software that can be used to create digital learning programs. The authoring tool suppliers below have developed their own authoring tools that make it easy for users to develop their own e-learning programs that engage users and offer their organizations lasting gains. The most common use of authoring tools is to create e-learning programs that will go into an LMS. Armed with a powerful authoring tool, you can easily and quickly create content that will be conveniently delivered to your employees through your LMS.

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Displaying 1-20 of 46 results

More About Authoring Tool Suppliers

By using an authoring tool from one of the suppliers above, anyone can learn to create attractive and engaging e-learning content. The capabilities of the software will vary between different authoring tool suppliers, but the general idea of all authoring tools is to allow for the quick creation of e-learning programs without any knowledge of coding.

Think about all the things that go into an e-learning. They often include text, graphics, videos, and the ability to move around within the course. Authoring tool suppliers have worked hard to discover how they can help consumers easily combine these different types of media into an e-learning module that is attractive and easy to use. Clearly, in order to create this content and expect a good outcome from participants, you will need some knowledge of how people learn best, but you technical abilities need not be top-notch.

Choosing Your Authoring Tool

Before you even start talking to authoring tool suppliers on the list above, take some time to think about exactly what you need. How will your e-learning units be structured? Who will use the authoring tool and what is their skill level? Do you need the the authoring tool to include some way of evaluating the results of the training? How will you deliver the finished e-learning course? Do the courses need to work together with an LMS? Once you have clearly thought about what you need, talk to the suppliers above and find out if product will meet your needs!

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