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Gamification describes the process of using applications taken from gaming being in non-game settings to improve user engagement and make it easier to understand certain concepts. Gamification training providers have tweaked the idea of gamification in order to apply it to creating professional training. Many of these providers can create custom gamified courses for your organization or even teach you how to create courses that use gamification. Get in touch with these providers to find out how you can get your employees engaged in their development.

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Displaying 1-20 of 94 results

More About Gamification Training Suppliers

Most of the gamification training suppliers listed above specialize in creating elearning training that includes elements of gamification. This does not necessarily mean that they are building actual games into e-learning content, but it does mean that they are applying the same type of thinking that game designers use to create games into their training. Some game concepts that may be integrated into e-learning courses are leaderboards with high-scorers, badges for reaching new levels in the course, different learner paths based on skill level, and avatars.

Benefits of Gamification in E-Learning

Used in e-learning, gamification has been shown to have many benefits. The first of these is that it creates engagement and interest from learners. With gamification, learners are able to have fun and learn at the same time which means that they actually remember things better since they are paying attention. One factor that helps with this heightened engagement is that they get constant and immediate feedback on what they have done which helps with feelings of investment.

Another benefit of providing your employees with courses employing gamification is that this technique can help with real behavioral changes. This is because gamified courses can be combined with psychological, scientific principles of repetition and retrieval to ensure that learners really remember concepts learned.

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