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Measurement, assessment, and testing suppliers create and develop tools that allow instructional designers and other's in charge of employee training to determine the results of the training that they deliver. Knowing the outcome of training efforts is important for many reasons, among these is the simple fact that when you are able to track employee improvements you can prove the ROI of your training efforts. In addition, by constantly testing employees to measure their performance, you will know which skills need the most development and have a basis for delivering certain types of training over others.

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Displaying 1-20 of 73 results

More about Measurement, Assessment, and Testing Suppliers

Many learning and development professionals are locked in a constant struggle to prove the worth of the training programs that they put in place so that they can get more resources. The vast majority of businesses are willing to put money in the areas that they can see a direct financial benefit from. In order to help L&D professionals prove the worth of what they are doing, measurement, assessment, and testing suppliers have come up with a wide range of tools that can be used to measure and assess the results of training in the workplace.

How Can Measurement, Assessment, and Testing Suppliers Help?

The services offered by measurement, assessment, and testing suppliers will vary greatly between companies, so remember that it is important to know what services you need before you start contacting providers. For example, some providers on the list may offer software that tracks the performance of your employees and then is able to suggest areas of improvement that they can train in. Others may create and deliver tests to your employees so as to check their knowledge levels and, perhaps, prove how much they have learned to your superiors. Check with the suppliers above to see how they can help!

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