Course participant reviews for Abilitie

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Based on 69 reviews.

Nokia participant

The simulation tool was great and the facilitator did an amazing job as a facilitator. I will take it again 100 times.

Holcim participant

Provided a great cause and effect environment. Working in teams allows you to discuss and weigh out different perspectives.

Ferguson participant

Working with the team and changing positions was really helpful to get a good feel for what others go through in their roles and just how our actions impact them.

Ferguson participant

I enjoyed the constant changing environment with the people we were managing. I also loved the strategy that was involved in figuring out who to assign to which tasks, who to coach and who to recognize.

Hanover participant

I loved the level of engagement. Great balance between small group work and larger team conversations. Also loved the pace.

Ferguson participant

I really enjoyed putting to use a lot of the things we've learned.

GE participant

The use of the simulation game was pivotal. It would have been possible to convey this information in slides, but I would have become bored and disinterested even with an engaging speaker over the hours. The game was a way to get us invested and interested.

Mustapha, Program participant

Listening to different perspectives from diverse and well-accomplished peers and faculty with novel insights on current global issues was a fascinating and transformative journey that I will forever appreciate!

FCCI participant

The way in which you keep us involved during our time was amazing. The simulation was real world and what I thought would work, did not. Going back and regrouping to get different results was wonderful.

Cambridge Participant

The simulation was a very cool experience that a lot of us have never done before. I thought it was a great learning experience.

Cambridge Participant

I enjoyed being able to challenge myself. Not knowing how our decisions would impact our marketing standing but still trying to make the best decision overall was interesting. Also seeing the results of our decisions was interesting.

GE participant

I liked the way we learned something new in between each round; it gave us enough time to absorb all the information, and learn some incremental lessons as we progressed.

Sydney, Program participant

The most impactful part of the program is the direct application of better understanding management styles. It has changed the way I think about people and running teams.

Webster participant

I thought this was a great program and gave a lot of insight into what you need to do with coaching and what motivates people.

CVS Participant

I think that this simulation was great in the sense that we were able to test skills that we do not normally get to use.

Goodwin participant

I enjoyed the interactivity of the program and how we could implement and experiment with the concepts we learned in a hands on way. I also appreciated the balance of lecture and simulation.

Goodwin participant

Learned better command of finance vocabulary, learned the imperfection of projections, and learned more about important metrics for corporate financial success.

Jeddy, CEO, InCommon

As a lifelong entrepreneur and emerging Product Manager, I was keen to sharpen my skills. IMBA’s superb business simulations helped me level up in communication, meta-communication, and team management.

Dell participant

The time flew by, but there were still many concepts that the facilitator taught that are helpful.

Dell participant

The simulation tool was masterful. Outside of the actual exercise I found myself trying to figure out how I track capacity in the same way on my team as the simulation.

Dell participant

Working with other senior leaders has helped me benchmark and build my confidence in my leadership practices and processes.

Microchip participant

Perhaps the best business training I've ever had. As an engineer it made me excited to actually go and study what business finance is about! Thanks!

Kyle, Program Manager, Bluebonnet

The Invited MBA gave me the skills I needed to be successful in my role now and in the future. It was exactly what I needed to pivot into the career I wanted. I know that I can be successful both now and in the future.

Program participant

It was particularly helpful to learn about the main types of financial statements and how to read them. The practice exercise allowed a practical basis to understand financial theory in a way that I did not know was possible.

WPEngine participant

Gamified objectives made it quite engaging. The decision making in the simulation matched up well to real life choices.

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