Course participant reviews for Academy Leadership

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Amanda B.
The course gives a lot of food for thought and some great tools to revisit or enhance an approach to existing practices or begin implementing new (or lacking) practices.
Eric D.
A very comprehensive, hands-on leadership course focused on results and improvement. A course to give leaders new tools and perspectives on key behaviors and actions that they can tailor to their needs. Plus a follow-up plan to put it into action.
Sriram M.
Awesome. It was one of the best courses I ever took. Michael is an excellent instructor. His approach, methods, and presentation were all beyond my expectations. The fact that he mastered Teams in a week and coordinated this whole effort, when I told him Zoom probably does not work for us, was amazing. He is an excellent ambassador for this trai...
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Steve B.
Abigal D.
This course covers the foundational aspects that are required (that we sometimes do not think about) to successfully set up a leader, such as establishing a leadership philosophy. It covers interpersonal areas from the leadership perspective, other applications areas such as communication, time management, feedback, coaching, and much more. It w...
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Sweta S.
This course helps you identify your personal preferred style, expectations, and instinctive needs as well as ways to work with colleagues with personality traits identified in each of these areas. The E2L profiles were a great way of understanding how each individual is different and how to work with them to get optimal results. Also, there were...
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Chester H.
A great refresher on what it means to be a leader within an organization. This program not only discusses the theory of leadership but also provides practical advice on how to implement those theories.
Maiken E.
The Academy Leadership Program helped our team identify how to better communicate in normal day-to-day discussions but also during times of conflict. Learning how to best approach my team will help alleviate pain points when discussing important items. I enjoyed writing my leadership philosophy and feel it will assist me in my role.
Chad S.
It is different than other training programs as this helps a leader understand what their direct reports think and prefer in the work place as well as the tools to detect when they are having a rough time.
Andrew G.
It is an overview of good leadership practices. You will leave the course with a better idea of your own leadership philosophy, as well as some theories and tools to put into practice that will make you a more effective leader.
Jennifer C.
An effective course for leadership training. I would highly recommend for new and experienced managers.
Travis T.
Very comprehensive and in-depth. Covers everything you need to know and very professional.
Dawn O.
This is one of the most straight forward leadership classes I've ever been in. It gives clear direction and tools that will help assist me in my current position as well as effectively grow my team(s).
Desiree S.
Puts real life scenarios in to action. Gives good advice and is very helpful.
Jenna C.
There is a lot of information in this program, but each area gives you the tools needed to be successful. If you have something that you need additional help in an area, Bill will help break it down for you and the group.
Chad D.
Excellent leadership training providing an additional degree of insight compared to other training courses.
Scott J.
An excellent program that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide the skills and tools to utilize or compensate them.
Justin B.
An eye opener into areas that are often blind sides to some managers.
Jordan P.
The Leadership Excellence training course will cause a paradigm shift in your methodology for approaching almost any situation, professional or personal.
Brandon H.
The program pulls ideas and thoughts together, and takes you out of your comfort zone to help each individual develop their own interpretations. It’s not a one size fits all course and that is what I feel makes it special. Bill did a great job and the emotion he shown in his delivery and graduation was exceptional.
Jon F.
It isn't just about Leading and coaching, it is also about setting goals and priorities and providing Feedback.
Shanda N.
If you thought you knew about leadership and don’t need additional training this course provides Insite and new way of looking at topics
Eric E.
This is a program I would recommend for any new supervisor. It has a lot of great info and insight to help any new sup get on the right track to be successful.
Kristy G.
Intense leadership course that gives you some great key leading tools.
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