Course participant reviews for Academy Leadership

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John M.
It is a great way to identify your leadership blind spots and address ways that you can learn and grow into a person that can be a trusted leader.
Josias C
I would describe this program as an 'eye-opener' to the traits necessary to be an effective leader.
Michael B.
It's a lot of fun and incredibly useful. It provides practical information to be applied in our day to day leadership development.
Gal F.
This is a time-worthy experience where you get to learn about about yourself and how to work/communicate with others. You definitely learn leadership skills and techniques; these are applicable not only at your work, regardless of position, but also with your friends and family.
Crystal W.
This program was very introspective. I think its important for a leader to understand themselves if they are going to commit to coaching others. This class gets you in touch with your core...who you are, what is important to you, what you want those you lead to know about you, and how you can help/inspire others.
Lourdes G.
While it is good for new leaders, I think that experienced leaders would benefit the most as many of us have made mistakes that we do not even realize we are making. We can really be much more effective at motivating, coaching, and mentoring staff which in turn will result in business growth.
Brandi C.
Provides the confidence and roadmap to be being an effective leader. Provides a lot of tools to use throughout your career and personal life to excel as a leader.
Gilberto D.
A leadership program with a much more realistic approach than any other I've participated in
Beth F.
This program sends you home with truly actionable, tactical activities you can start working on immediately. It is not squishy and fluffy, but instead has specific, scientifically proven things you can do in your role to improve your team and yourself and therefore your organization.
Chad S.
High energy, great content with valuable, actionable output
Kelvin H.
Many things to think about from a new perspective. All topics/modules were relevant to the ‘real world’ and can't wait to practice on work. Jim is energetic, confidence and experienced who kept my attention throughout the program. The best training I have ever attend by far.
Martin Y.
This program is with a lot of energy, promoting self-realization as a leader, as well as real urge to make the team better.
Robert B.
As an energizing refresher on all the tools required for a manager to develop into an effective leader and an opportunity to step back and reflect on his or her own management style and the styles of his or her leaders.
Monica S.
Very informative and it provides a lot of good techniques that can be applied on the job. The program covers a lot of pertinent skills and concepts for leadership. I'd highly recommend the class for new and experienced leaders. I think the Entergized2Lead profile is a great tool to learn more about your style. I'm looking forward to seeing ho...
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Adam R.
The program is intense but very rewarding. I found the material we reviewed in this seminar to be very beneficial for me. It hit on many areas in which I work with every day.
Stella S.
This Leadership Excellence Course facilitated by Jay Pullins provided extremely useful tools that I can immediately implement to improve my leadership effectiveness. The E2L portion of the course helped me learn more about myself and the Leadership Philosophy provided me with documented principles that I will lead by, providing clarity and pre...
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Stephanie S.
The program was very interactive. Provided great tools that could be useful and applied easily into the work place.
James N.
This workshop helps divide leadership into bite sized pieces that are easy to eat and enjoy. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take a more active leadership role inside their organization.
Andrew M.
Eye opening, I came into this feeling I knew my leadership style and was very happy with it. This course really made me think on how I lead and give me a lot more tools to lead more effectively
Giovanni P.
It's a comprehensive lesson plan that incorporates several strategies to improve leadership skills. The student will end the class with a Leadership Philosophy that they can use to help people understand who they are and what is important to them.
Garrett C.
Clear, concise, and reasonable advice for leaders new and seasoned. Gives a lot of time to hear from other leaders and their experiences and time for reflection of each segment (journaling). Lots of key takeaways and a new sense of pride in leadership role and how to become a better leader.
Lien B.
During these 2 days, you will identify your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to your leadership style. You will learn the platinum rule that you should treat others the way THEY want to be treated. Everyone is different and has different motivators. You will put on paper, your personal leadership values so your team can know you better. Yo...
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Debbie R.
I would recommend the course to others. I like the interactive, practical nature of it. I thought the role-playing exercises were excellent preparation for real-world application.
Liz S.
Very eye-opening and informative. It changed a lot of my perceptions about things.
Lloyd J.
This is a program that will help help you grow as a manager with a personal twist too. It will help you grow in a personal level as well. Very Enjoyable. Jim is great!
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