Course participant reviews for Accordence, Inc.

Average rating 4.9

Based on 37 reviews.

Simon S.

The value I received was high. It is great to actively think through a strategic plan, particularly considering both the customer and seller side.

Tushar S.

I truly enjoyed the training and you made the hours go by very quickly. Informative, helpful and direct actions that I would employ in my routine sales calls

Brian H.

It provides a needed framework to add structure to negotiations and gives guidance to preparation

Kevin P.

A timely program. Given the current market conditions, applying the lessons learned will be valuable.

Kevin P.

The program was taught by a seasoned professional who had a strong command of the materials and great presentation skills.

Brian S.

Negotiation is huge part of our success and I found the tips and best practices taught in this class will have me better prepared moving forward and a greater asset to our company.

Market Access Rep. Pharma Co

These sessions were interactive and changed our perception in the way we interact with our KOLs, and taught us new skills for our day-to-day negotiation and stakeholder communication.

Fabienne L.

The workshop is definitely worthwhile taking; in addition to learning the tools, you will also see how many negotiations you encounter on a daily basis

Eileen C.

I have been to many negotiation skill trainings -- this is the first I walked away with specific action items and tools that I can apply to my next negotiation challenge.

Sophia G.

High value! The session highlighted to me the importance of being prepared for a negotiation and having my leverages ready! Know the customers position and interest.

Darren P.

Priceless -- It was great to dive deeper into strategic sales, and build on previous sessions relating to planners and buying influences. This course has provided me with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what else I need to consider in preparation for future client meetings and negotiations.

Guy C.

A lot of value! A well defined program with great interaction and links to segments within the business (procurement, sales, commercial) and assists in placing everybody on the same playing field/plane in approach.

Mary K.

It's useful for not only customer negotiations, but also internal conversations. A lot of great information on strategically having a conversation to yield mutually beneficial results.

International Government Affairs Rep, Pharma Co

The teaching is both very well theorized and accompanied by very concrete examples, which gives consistency to the training and makes it usable in real life.

William N.

The value I received from this session was priceless.

Financial Services Rep

I learned a more directed approach at how to analyze my own personal and social competence.

Annette H.

This program was very beneficial to my career. The breakout sessions were great. It was a great balance overall and was put together well.

Erik P.

This was an invaluable training that will help me prepare in a different and more efficient way prior to negotiations.

Sales Rep, Financial Industry

This was a fantastic experience, I felt very engaged, I learned a great deal and I enjoyed the collaboration with team members!

Sales Rep Financial Industry

This was one of the most methodical and robust professional development courses I’ve ever experienced.

Nick B.

This course was very good. The ICON acronym was a simple way to remember the key aspects of negotiation. Negotiating is a skill and now I have the tools.

Fred S.

In a diverse and inclusive environment, these concepts are beneficial to working with all divisions.

Suzanne S.

It is such an important topic to continue to accelerate our success as an organization

Pricing Manager

Well prepares one to have effective conversations with internal and external clients

Research & Development Rep, Biotech Co

I recommend this class and liked learning about the body language and body feedback mechanisms apparent in impacting/influencing others. I appreciated the 1, 2, 3 categories for understanding others.

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