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Best training I have attended so far. However, I did not think it was worth the full price we paid. Howerver, I am a governement employee and most of the training modules are geared towards the service and sales industry, I did not feel I could use quite a bit of the information that was taught. I would recommend it to poeple in those industries...
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Michael T.
Accommodations were very impressive. Well run facility with professional appearance. Instructor knowledgeable, prompt and prepared. I passed the first time taking the test, 2 days after taking the course. Study materials, flash cards and sample tests, were outstanding and directly supported my passing on the first attempt. Thanks! -Mike
I thought this seminar was very good for me. I felt the instructor was knowledgeable and used the whole classroom to get feedback on a various number of topics. I will definitely be able to use what I learned in the 'real world'.
Angela was a great instructor. Her use of stories to illustrate points was very helpful. I thought the first day of class was a bit slow (she warned us) and it was content that I was already familiar with, so it was a little disappointing. The class description didn't include specific-enough information for me to know the first day would be a re...
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Excellent program for any non-accounting executives or senior managers that deal with balance sheets, have profit & loss responsibility, manage a cost center, etc. Heavy on accounting and finance concepts, but AMA does a great job of translating those concepts into your specific reality.
As a new employee of AMA, I attended the seminar to observe how it was conducted. The instructor, Rich did an outstanding job, and used techniques that I will try in my classes. Specifically, he furnished ideas on how to engage students more fully. For example, he recorded their responses on flip charts and relied very little on PowerPoint. ...
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Derek K.
Marche was a great facilitator. The class had a good pace and the examples and scenarios practiced were appropriate. I've actually used successfully many of the techniques discussed in the class already with my direct reports. I would definitely recommend this class to any Manager wanting to go to the next level. -Derek
Barbara D.
It was a worthwhile course. The breakout sessions were ok but we had folks in our group that didn't participate at all so two of us were left leading the group. I know there is no way around getting folks to participate but aside from that, I found the breakout sessions to be helpful with my other team member. The material was presented in a...
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Melanie M.
Duffy Sullivan was a great trainer who truly cared about the professional development of each of the students in the class. While this is a standard course, it felt like we were getting a customized and personal learning experience tailored to our own unique needs and challenges. -Melanie
The instructor was great. Very approachable, clear and easy explaination for complex concept. We hope AMA would provide some refreshment through the day.
Good class size and knowledgeable instructor. Would have been interested in hearing a bit more about each class members employement history, education and current work environment so we could bond/relate a bit more. Overall well, done.
Reading material should be provided before the seminar for pre-class reading.
As a senior level executive, I knew there would be a certain amount of content that I would already know. However to my surprise, there was much more that I did not know, and I am so thankful I took the class. The presenter was excellent. It's difficult to talk about numbers for 3 straight days and keep everyone's attention, but she did! The cla...
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Ignacio S.
Excellent seminar. The presenter demonstrated a very good knowledge of the seminar's topics, was engaging on her presentation, and made every effort possible to include all participants equally. I would highly recommend this seminar to anybody interested in advancing their knowledge of Strategic Planning. -Ignacio S.
John T.
Some of the content was clearly very old (10 years or so). The examples weren't as relevant as they would have been 10 years in the past, and the recording itself was distracting. It cast doubts on the credibility of the rest of the learning. The instructor did a great job. -John
Cynthia B.
The Management Skills for Administrative Professionals seminar was very professional and the Instructor was awesome! This seminar will help me personally and professionally. This seminar also helped me with my performance evaluation a great deal. -Cynthia
Jennifer D.
I was disappointed in the lack of instruction and the abundance of group discussion and workbook completion. I felt like I paid +$2,500 and traveled from Michigan to California for a three day class facilitator, not an instructor. Also, the booklets that were provided lacked substance. It was full of questions and very few answers, definitio...
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Billy B.
The class on Critical thinking was eye opening. It was very enlightening when it came to the areas in my thinking process that needed to be sharpened. I found the tools given in the class were very helpful for the issues that i presently face in the workplace. I was happy with the class facilitator who took the time to share his experiences whic...
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