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Claudia Kidder
Before taking this class I had never used Camtasia or anything like it. After today’s class I can create slides, add audio, and do some editing. I even learned how to edit voice-overs. This class gave me basic skills that I can build upon and the confidence to create more complex Camtasia movies on my own.
Danielle Buscher
I'd never opened Articulate Storyline prior to attending this program. I left the course feeling confident and ready to start creating e-learning courses that utilize a majority of the program functionality.
Niki Klaaren
It's a great program, and having the right facilitator to guide you through how to use the program is really beneficial.
Eduardo Sanchez
This course was an excellent example of how to make a webinar interactive. I also appreciated that the handouts were not just printouts of slides. ATD has credibility and chooses top-notch instructors for its courses.
Leigh Redmond
This program was concise and to the point. Mentorship is an subject that can go in a lot of directions, but I felt this course was focused and powerful. I was able to enhance our mentorship program guide by being reminded to align our organizational goals, add in key definitions, and insert tips for mentors. Further, the instructor had great s...
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Bronson James
The pace and content provide excellent context for beginners and experts; it also provided tips for efficiency.
Delia McDermott
My favorite takeaways from the program included the demonstrations of e-learning authoring tools with functional/end user use and how the authoring tools impact course development, ROI, and purchasing cost. It enabled me to gain knowledge and skills for analysis and implementation of a learning management system.
Colette Harper
Gail is a phenomenal facilitator. She shared a ton of resources with us. It was organized very well and was very relevant.
Cassandra Bartley-Zemer
I liked that the class basically broke down some of the major players in e-learning design tools by category, and then demonstrated how they work in action. The experience of seeing each tool working compared to others was invaluable. If you are making a decision about which of the infinite number of e-learning tools out there, this is a great ...
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Mary Zupo
My favorite takeaway was the skill of the facilitator of the training. Her ability to balance all aspects of the learning experience made it a joy to experience this course online. Consequent retention and use of the principles of graphics for learning is the result of the skill of the delivery. My glowing recommendation would be for any designe...
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Vashti Wood
I believe as facilitators that if we can tap into our learners' potential, overcoming the often conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs they have, and help them apply the knowledge and skills effectively, then we can really solve the challenges we have had as teachers and make learners excited to learn. So, I would recommended it to any of m...
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Lynne Hicks
The program built logically from one tool to the next. There was a week between sessions so that I had time to practice what I learned. This made it easier during the next session to add to the skills that I had come a long ways towards mastering. There is more work to do but this course really gave me a wonderful boost to a level of understa...
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Sarah Callahan
I am new to instructional design, and our instructor provided us with a framework for each major design methodology. I learned that many times the best approach to developing a learning project is a blended approach. I found this course to be helpful in explaining the basic information I need to be a high performer in my new role.
Taffy Davis
Being able to move from "search and find" in my own self-learning to seeing the powerful tools the program offers under skilled instructors was well worth the cost of the program. I feel that I can create great learning with the ability to add interactivity to every slide.
Mary Frances Mika
Infographics are very relevant to training professionals. I didn't want a graphic designer talking above me about how to make them. I wanted the goal to be learning. The program is immediately applicable in the workforce. I started on my first one only a few hours after I finished the class. My favorite takeaways were 200+ templates that I can...
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Lorna Rickard
We've all heard how powerful a story can be. Now I feel like I can write an appropriate story that will help my participants understand the material in a way that goes beyond the head and hits the gut.
Martina Villringer
A practical approach to designing e-learning. I would recommend it first on its content and second on its delivery, which is very lively and engaging.
Bonny Alphonso
My favorite takeaways were a few tips on pre-training development. A person new to technical training may benefit.
Fred Cabral
My favorite takeaways were all the tools that were modeled to get the best out of any facilitation situation. Robin is truly a gifted facilitator and the course is eye-opening as well as encouraging. I would recommend this program to all who facilitate, especially if you have some experience. It can really make you see what your strong points an...
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Badria AlAbri
My favorite takeaways from the program are presentation and facilitation skills.
Heidi Belczyk
Lorimer was a fantastic instructor! I loved the opportunities to work with others in the class. It was a very engaging experience! ATD is recognized as the best in the industry.
Andrea Hernandez Tobar
The program was extremely dynamic with lots of time for practicing and role play. The instructor was well prepared and had lots of tools to share with us. I have been doing facilitation without having been formally trained in the field, so this course has given me a new set of tools to use in my everyday work. I feel more confident in my facilit...
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Chuck Walden
It is always great to attend a session with a facilitator who knows her stuff. Robyn knows her stuff! My favorite takeaways were: *The differences between facilitation and training. *When facilitating a session, I don't own the problem; it isn't mine to fix. *I gained many new tools that will enable me to help a group move toward consensus and ...
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Kathleen Gebhard
This program is a comprehensive course that leads to implementation of the HPI process.
Ben Eddy
I would recommend this program because it helps develop greater understanding of learner needs and personal style.
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