Course participant reviews for Chart Learning Solutions

Average rating 4.9

Based on 220 reviews.

Helped me to improve my problem solving skills
Well structured course and easy to follow
A Lackay
Highlight the importance of this skill in an easy to understand manner
A Lackay
Loads of value in this course
Dave K
Very comprehensive journey
This course start at the basics of sales and go to the detailed and complex sales issues. Fantastic to help you align your sales process
Loved this and found it valuable. Reminder of elements we often take for granted
Informative and valuable
Kathryn S
Elaine A
Very informative and I can recommend this course for anybody who want to understad more about EI
Mandy C
I found the online course very informative and easy to navigate and like the audio as it helped me understand what I was reading better. I can definitely use what I have learnt in my personal life as well as professional.
The Customer Service training is extremely valuable and I can see a clear impact on the team and a change in behavior. The material is short, to the point and extremely effective for us.”
I enjoyed the course. Very informative. The study material is very easy to understand. Having audio, it’s as if having your tutor right next to you. A very good tool to have for an online course.
Jan Knight
The feedback has been very positive and the staff at the university thoroughly enjoyed the program. We have a high-quality standard at the university and it is fantastic to see how staff apply the learnings in their roles."
Irene Mardarowicz
Good learnings and realizations from this service attitude course
Angus Petersen
I just completed my first online course and it was fantastic. Thank you for the good content and as well the tricky but fun games.
Vusi April
Valuble information we as managers take for granted
Nicole Crow
Good course and would recommend it to anyone
Joanna Fatch
The Time management course was valuable and easy to understand
Joanna Fatch
Career Development helped me when having dicussions with my team regarding succession planning
Kirsten Sharpley
The Application Activity is great and take the learning to a new level to actuall change my behaviour
Natasja Malherbe
Chris Jacobson
Heidi Brett
Valuable and informative
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