Course participant reviews for BD-301A: BlueDragon Root Cause Analysis Certification Course for Practitioners (Operating Environments)

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Chris M.
It will be applied because it is an excellent technique. Liked the background given on personal experiences of instructor as well as the practicals forced us to think. Wish the course was longer believe it or not.
David H.
Liked the interaction and how streamlined it was. Good methodology - I am reviewing other popular causal courses. 45 minute lunch breaks were too short.
Aaron P.
Great course. Will add critical thinking to my investigations. I was previously stumbling on barrier analysis - this helped me out on this concept. Liked that the instructor was engaged and animated during the course.
Richelle L.
It helped organize thoughts and questions into a final product. Hands on training is more effective than just being lectured. Liked that we got up and moved around rather than sit all day.
Andrea P.
Excellent! I would love to use this for helping my daughter pick a college. For my organization, if I'm called on I have this tool to work through a causal analysis. Great curriculum, easy to understand.
Tiffany B.
Well organized to keep the flow going. I called my Assurance Manager on Day 1, so we will use this! I love that I can use this on trending data. Liked the practice time on presenting to management and lines of inquiry. I thought some of the group activities could be combined to shorten the number.
Tonya S.
Will help me in the evaluation/review of causal analysis for Security concerns. Liked the expanded definition of critical thinking and the hands on approach. Presenting to management was the hardest part but will get easier with practice.
Mike S.
Excellent training - exceeded expectations. Will apply what I have learned. The course was a great help in providing an overall comprehensive picture of the process.
Al B.
Great workshop: developed my critical thinking skills and problem solving that I can apply right away. Integrated my understanding of root cause with an excellent and robust and lean overall complex problem solving method - great stuff! A few of the graphics were small and occasionally difficult to read in the student manual.
Ruth H.
Fabulous! The case studies were outstanding. The workshop was a huge help in understanding the RCA process from start to finish. I feel successful and confident as a novice.
Vicki P.
Loved the workshop and information taught. I will be using many of the techniques in my job in the near future. The workshop gave me lots of ideas that I can use in my job. Broadened my thinking and analysis skills. I didn't like that we moved so rapidly through the book that I felt I missed things.
Victoria S.
I was pleased to learn that Change Analysis is already embedded in BlueDragon, and that no single analysis method has to be used to develop apparent causes and root causes. I am required to perform causal analysis for single incidents and for deficiencies from broad-scope assessments; I was happy to see that your case studies addressed both cas...
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Dan O.
This was well worthwhile. Lots of aha moments! Lots of things that we can improve using BlueDragon for our own processes. Liked the concept that true root causes drive more issues than just the problem we are looking at. The Extent of Cause review is an aha moment.
Todd G.
I found so many practical applications that I can implement today. Case studies were extremely helpful. I wish we would have spent more time practicing questioning techniques. I found it challenging to fully develop completed lines of inquiry.
James R. J.
Outstanding. Would recommend to my colleagues. The workshop gave me a new framework to address a multitude of issues. Liked the format, the instructor, the framework and the book. The 3-day course was too short.
Brad S.
Excellent. Will implement next week. Very interactive workshop; showed us "how to" in simple and effective method.
Anu C.
Very useful to specialists as well as most personnel. Love the BlueDragon framework…incorporates ideas from LSS, HPI, RCA. Extent of Cause was a great concept - we do not implement. I'm glad we are getting electronic versions of the tools (for free).
Donna M.
Excellent workshop! I want to put into practice ASAP. Need to work with other analysts at LLNL to develop a more integrated and streamlined process. Case studies showed us how to apply the tools in a real situation. A more streamlined approach to RCA than we currently have at LLNL. The framework combined tools we currently use into a cohesive ...
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Nathan B.
Excellent! I gained a much better understanding of critical thinking and complex problem solving concepts. I feel very comfortable with the techniques after performing the case studies and look forward to applying it in my work areas.
Jamie M.
Great tool - very advanced and rigorous. Greatly improved my understanding and will drive my implementation as I become qualified to perform apparent and root causes. Case studies were helpful to prompt questions that many not have occurred by lecture alone. look forward to implementing in Issues Management at Y-12.
Becky W.
Very good
Craig G.
Systematic, easy to learn. Will need help convincing management. Workshop and case studies helped gain a better understanding.
Patric W.
Very good. BlueDragon has streamlined our company. Liked the case studies. Exercises bounced around and I struggled trying to keep a flow through the process.
Joy H.
Loved it. Case studies helped tons! Helped me substantially. I really like the framework and think it will help me be effective not only causal analysis but other areas as well. Liked working hands on through case studies to enhance skills during the class. could us a few more organized 5 minute breaks wo we don't feel like we are going to ...
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Betsy M.
Super! Case studies were very well defined and were appropriate to helping me learn. The workshop was excellent in both increasing my knowledge of causal analysis and critical thinking. Provided me with a new way of thinking and organizing data for analysis. liked the use of real life events.
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