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The training prepared me to motivate drivers to improve their own safety tactics behind the wheel, for example remembering to keep a wide following distance from other vehicles. However, an important component of the training was the behavioral assessments designed to help personalize the driver improvement coaching sessions. After the behavi...
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I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the team involved in delivering this course. The instructors were very professional, caring and passionate. It was the best driving course I have ever taken. Thank you! Well done, Driving Dynamics!
Overall, great material!
Driving Dynamics continues to be an asset to our program. The instructor led course is a highly effective tool for promoting and encouraging safe driving behavior.
I think these trainings are fantastic and VERY real world. I want to make you aware that I was recently in a car accident and most certainly DID practice the proper techniques and I believe without any doubt that I had the One Second Advantage.
I wanted to pass along that I thought Driving Dynamics was great today. The instructors were enthusiastic, and I ‘felt’ potentially dangerous situations in a controlled environment helped me be safer on the road. It was a very beneficial course.
I recently took the Driving Dynamics course through my employer and I wanted to let you know that the hands-on instruction, I have no doubt, saved mine and my family's life during a recent incident. Your training courses are making a difference in the real world...
I must tell you that I was fortunate to take the course. My trainers were super nice. I could not have asked for a more comprehensive, engaging, and very personal experience.
I was keeping my distance from the cars ahead of me, allowing an exit strategy, even though all lanes were taken. As I moved into the leftmost lane I kept the shoulder available to me, then as shown in the videos from Driving Dynamics, a van was coming up behind me with a full head of steam. I swerved to the left shoulder and the van screeched t...
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