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Jane J.

A smooth journey of discovery diving into what Emotional Intelligence is and how critical to be aware of behaviours and their impacts in home and work life. Many organisations invest in training for their teams in all areas from wellbeing to sales but without the foundation of EI - how effective is that training? Aoife and Deiric of Gen...

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C. O’Reilly

Over the years I have participated in several certification programmes for development tools. By far this has been the most engaging, effective and efficient use of my time.  And this was achieved through clever online delivery using the full capability of digital tools – well done in getting so much interaction with the global participants. Loo...

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S. Mc Donell

I really like the GENOS model of supporting the certified practitioner, there is a lot more to their approach than just an EI assessment.

W. Teo

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Programme has been an engaging, rewarding and unforgettable learning experience. A supportive and enjoyable environment and a programme duration which afforded me a deeper understanding of how to help clients gain the most from their Genos experience. Different learning styles were catered for by a ...

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S. Drijfhout

The team at Genos International delivered exceptional knowledge and value. They made themselves available throughout the course and are an incredible support resource, as I begin to plan my rollout of EI into my own business. The Genos information is fascinating and truly a game changer for getting individuals and organisations to understand how...

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R. Vecht

I tremendously enjoyed the whole experience of the Genos training. By the completion of the course, I felt fully confident to be able to conduct the Genos EI assessments. Deiric was a brilliant teacher - so approachable and he made the sessions really engaging. He clearly had tremendous knowledge to draw on and made the content feel very rela...

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S. Gerschewski

I have just completed the Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Programme online. First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Deiric McCann and Aoife Gorey for providing a very inspiring, interesting, informative, and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The Genos Emotional Intelligence (EI) course was professiona...

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C. A., Leadership & Organisational Culture Consultant

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Certification Program was one of the most insightful, informative and enjoyable courses that I have had the pleasure of participating in. Being a people person through and through, I was initially apprehensive about participating in an online course. However, due to Deiric’s expansive knowledge of, and passion fo...

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J. Williams

Right off the bat, this course impressed me in a way that Deiric made us all feel very welcome, empowered to learn and throughout all subsequent sessions, he was attentive to our specific questions and feedback. Deiric’s wealth of experience in sales and emotional intelligence shines through his delivery. A shout out also has to go to Aoife who ...

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R. Mugri

Thanks to Genos EU for really engaging and productive sessions all throughout. Time flies so fast and here I am realising I really found a great opportunity with Genos. I am so glad I reached out that December to sign-up for the course. To me, this course is huge and is opening up a lot of opportunities for me that I never thought of. I never kn...

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G. Stickland

Having just completed the Genos on-line accreditation course, I must say how enjoyable and informative I found it. Not only is their suite of EI reports and resources second to none, working with Deiric and Aoife was a real pleasure. Their style and approach certainly reflects the messages they put across and the concepts they are talking about”.

Vicky Mukiri

Genos has enabled our organisation position ourselves uniquely in providing world class EI solutions in our market. Genos has provided immense support by having a platform that continuously educates us on highly applicable EI programs that have enabled partners like ourselves, enhance the value that we provide to our client offering.

BK Hunt

I think this state of the art tool should be in every O.D. practitioner's toolkit. I opted for certification via online portal. Like most online training - it is static. But it was effective in orienting me to a superby tool. So the content deserves 5 stars, online training in this format was so-so because of the vehicle. But it allowed me to co...

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John Wallis

During the past 4 years I became aware of the reality of EI, at first, like many others, I was extremely skeptical about the concept but as time went by, decided to delve into the facts, and in the process discovered an entire new management tool which I believe is the skill of the 21st Century. It is a skill everyone can acquire through learnin...

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Sandy Ringer

I enjoyed understanding the assessments and how it truly will change how i work with others. What a wonderful tool for assessing one's capabilities and even those staff who work together. We are a much stronger team knowing that we can be authentic which makes our performance even stronger!

Sue St.Leger-Stretch

I participated in the first certification program in South Africa in May 2017 which proved to be a phenomenal personal development experience and a game changer for my business and those i consult to. I have always been interested in Emotional Intelligence and personal development, and have partipated in surveys, read books and actively pursu...

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Ildiko Oravecz

Fitting another certification into my busy schedule didn't seem possible, although I REALLY wanted to be certified in this stellar tool. Thankfully there is an online option! The videos, worksheets, and lots of other tools gave me the knowledge and practice I needed at times that were convenient to me. I highly recommend this program!

Diego Curutchet

Un excelente programa dirigido y focalizado para desarrollar competencias de Inteligencia Emocional en el ámbito laboral y que se puede utilizar en la vida diaria. Muy práctico con herramientas para poner en funcionamiento apenas concluido el programa.

Heice Yau

I was certified last year with two lovely Master Practitioners in HK and the 2 days certification was one of the best experience I have in my training life. The Master Practitioners Rainbow and Anita were very knowledgeable on EI and provided lost of ways for learners to hone their EI skills in their own private time. The debrief was clearly str...

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Michael Neuendorff

I became certified to issue the Genos Int'l body of assessments earlier this year. I was very impressed by the materials and process all the way through certification. The Genos folks are top notch people who are generous with their support and very knowledgeable about emotional intelligence. I am very glad I signed up with them. I know this wil...

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Dave Baker

Fantastic experience working with Debbie Muno and Jeff Summers in becoming a certified EI practitioner. The Genos EI model is a unique offering in the competitive landscape of assessments. This is an excellent necessary compliment to many of the popular four-quadrant assessments (which seem to have saturated the market), going much deeper in he...

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Robin L.M

The Genos EI Online Certification was the best online cert. I've ever enrolled in . Instead of throwing everyone in a "virtual room" Genos took the time to create amazing recorded self paced content; webinars AND videos. I've seen a lot of online certs in my career, and Genos is by far the best. The biggest benefit I received from this online...

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Chrystal A

This certification has really offered us a level-up in the tools and solutions we offer to our clients. It is like adding the "finishing touch" to the great tools we are already using and compliments them extremely well. Our clients are enjoying the benefits of the tools starting from the selection of their staff to engaging employees and lead...

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Rahima Ibrahim

All the 6 competencies has also given me a new perspective looking at the productive Leadership state and the unproductive Leadership state. Being aware of your emotions and the impact it has to the people who are working with you can make a great difference especially being in a Leadership role. The 360 report really helps to look into the det...

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Tim Harper

I would think like most people who complete the course I feel that ongoing practise and experience with the model will improve my effectiveness for clients. David and Ian were incredibly generous with their time and focus regarding my questions in all three phases of the accreditation process. I feel confident following David’s debrief and my wo...

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