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Marina B.
Subconsciously, I have known the ideas behind the virtual classroom. But before attending InSync Training’s Virtual Classroom Instructional Designer course, I hadn’t seen them applied in such an interactive and educational way.
Lisa K.
The hands-on activities and tools, like the whiteboard and breakout rooms, gave the participants perspective and experience with the tools that they can apply when designing their next virtual training session.
Iris A.
I felt completely supported as a participant of InSync Training’s Master Virtual Producer Certificate course. The skills that I have acquired will be useful when hosting future live online learning events. If you plan on moderating virtual events, I recommend attending this course!
Cristina P.
The virtual learning environment was uncharted territory for me, and it was reassuring that my first experience was a highly engaging program designed in a truly blended approach. The facilitators were professional, knowledgeable, and approachable.
Sabreena C.
It was one of the best courses I have ever attended! The teach-back and workbook features of the session aligned nicely with my kinesthetic learning style. During my time with InSync Training, I learned to own the virtual classroom training room as much as I own the traditional classroom.
Alvaro P.
The program was easy to navigate, was well thought out, and effectively facilitated. It was clear to see that each component of the program was strategically included to broaden my virtual training skills.
Paul D.
InSync Training recently hosted a well-ran, professional, custom Survival School for my company. The program facilitators were subject-matter-experts, built a good report, and catered to different learning requirements of our group.
Karlo P.
InSync Training’s Virtual Classroom Facilitator Certificate course was one of the most practical trainings I have attended in years. This eye-opening experience gave me newfound skills that I was able to use even before the course was over.
Jeanette G.
Recently, I had a fascinating experience while completing InSync Training’s “Virtual Classroom Facilitator” certificate course. Interacting with the other course participants and the knowledgeable facilitator created a comfortable and engaging learning environment.
David B.
My multi-tasking skills were sharpened, and I have a much better understanding of how to effectively manage inevitable virtual classroom disasters. I look forward to using these skills in my next virtual session.
Bibash C.
My first encounter with InSync Training during the Virtual Classroom Facilitator certificate course was very interactive and awesome. I found my course facilitators to be cooperative, smart, and self-motivating. I’m already finding opportunities to use my new skills on the job and I will be recommending the Virtual Classroom Facilitator certific...
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Birdie Y.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an exciting educational experience that will result in a stronger virtual classroom presence and improved skills for this unique and challenging learning environment.
Diane H.
Oftentimes people are left disappointed by the content of a course once they have enrolled, and I am so glad to say that was not the case here. I thought the course was well paced, informative, and so helpful to me on so many levels. I’m excited to have helpful templates and resources to use on-the-job.
Dana I.
I have taken several courses with InSync Training, and they have proven valuable to my overall professional development. The course was so effective, that I’ve already begun applying my new skills on the job. I highly recommend this program to others looking to learn more about the virtual classroom.
Philip S.
I found the program to be rewarding – the facilitators practiced what they preached, the content taught me new information about pre-learning event preparation, and the support materials were helpful. Whether you are brand new to the virtual classroom, or like me, have previous experience, I recommend taking this course.
Sam H.
My experience with InSync Training’s Virtual Classroom Facilitator certificate program was timely and satisfying! Because of the high level of interaction and engagement with the other course participants, I never felt as if I were on an island all alone learning the material. The facilitators answered all my questions and really knew the conten...
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Cinda C.
I will routinely use my new skills on the job. The facilitators were knowledgeable, the resources were helpful, and demonstrated how virtual classroom engagement doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.
Robert P.
My main goal in attending InSync Training’s “Virtual Classroom Facilitator” Certificate course was to learn how to evolve from the disengaging PowerPoint approach to live online learning, and instead find out how to really engage participants. With tools such as the break out sessions and chat rooms, that goal was accomplished! I recommend this ...
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Rebecca S.
My experience with InSync Training was impactful and very valuable. I acquired tools that I can implement during virtual facilitation, as well as my everyday life. Knowing that I possess the skills to successfully instruct a course, which I have to do almost daily in my role, I approach the virtual training world with a newfound confidence.
Illia M.
I am a traditional facilitator and I had a lot of concerns about facilitating virtual training. During the Virtual Classroom Facilitator Certificate course, I left my previous concerns about virtual training behind. Our program facilitator was fun, assertive, dynamic and clear and he explained how to leverage a variety of relevant resources.
Axel W.
InSync Training’s Virtual Classroom Facilitator certificate course taught me how to partner with a producer and how to prepare for potential disasters in the virtual classroom. I absolutely recommend this course to others who will be presenting training in the live online learning environment.
Yolany L.
Currently, I am in the process of planning a webinar and the course made me see how fun and interactive webinars can be! I’ve already recommended the course to my colleagues.
Jessie M.
I was very impressed with the Learn How to Learn Online course. I felt like I was sitting in a small teaching setting with personal contact with the facilitator and producer, even though I was in a virtual WebEx classroom.
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