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K. Ferreira
I completed certification with Langevin 20 years ago and was able to draw on the fantastic education even after a 13-year break. I was able to jump right back into training. Langevin is hands-down the best training I have ever attended.
L. Hill
This course is on par with Langevin’s The Modern Classroom course as very useful and modern! I will be using my new skills for both classroom and virtual training. There’s nothing like keeping your attendees/students engaged in your learning/training. Nothing like it! This should be a must-attend class!
T. Smith
With all sincerity, this course reminds me of the potential for amazing virtual training. It's too easy to just dismiss online learning as a runner-up to in-class. But when you see how Langevin pulls the tools, the facilitation, and the content together, it reminds you that engaging, enjoyable, and memorable virtual training is not only possible...
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C. Pollice
Excellent course if you are looking for a fundamental base for virtual facilitation. Teaches the importance of preparation and adaptability, as well as the structure required to implement a successful session.
E. Archambault
Excellent, interactive workshop! I have learned a lot in this workshop—key messages I will use in practice for sure.
H. Miller
So much information, skills, games, etc. learned that I can use in our new sales enablement role or team!
M. Saniter
As a new trainer, I picked up countless tips and tricks to incorporate in my training! Great materials to reference as I prepare for my courses, especially the learning strategy template. I feel like I'm better prepared to go back to the office and conduct better training. I'll be sharing some of my favorite and most impactful "tidbits" with my ...
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S. Lovely
Excellent workshop! I feel more confident presenting in front of the room. The content was delivered in bite-sized pieces, building up to the final presentation. Absolutely enjoyed this workshop! Langevin is a solid organization to learn from.
J. Gregor
I learned so much about designing a course from end to end. I feel prepared to create engaging, dynamic training that leads to performance-based results!
S. Morcos
Langevin understands the needs of trainers, and their expertise in the field is so obvious. I won't go anywhere else for my team's needs.
C. Drummer
Spot on! Very relevant information for the training I've been tasked to do. I highly recommend this course. Hands-down this is the best training I've attended in 29 years with my company.
M. Young
The material and the way the class is structured are phenomenal. You took a daunting task and made me quite confident. The instructor is knowledgeable, personable, and engaging!
S. Frazee
This course taught me so much. I built my training program from the ground up and now I know exactly how to improve it. The instructor was relatable, helpful, kind, and informative. Excellent instruction!
K. Beaver
This workshop is very helpful for discovering a new framework to create courses and improve existing ones. The course leader was fantastic! He had practical examples and knew how to apply the content to the questions we asked.
A. Menard
What an inciteful workshop! Thank you for opening my eyes to so many options and strategies within the training world.
S. Anderson
By far, one of the best classes I have taken. Langevin has provided real world case studies and practice in every workshop I've attended. Absolutely love Langevin!
L. Reynolds
Langevin lives up to their reputation as the leader in trainer training! I now feel confident I can convert my ILT training to VC training efficiently and professionally!
S. Effler
This course gave me so many tangible possibilities that I have two full pages of "takeaways" to implement as soon as possible. We were always moving, participating, changing—learning!
E. Mendonca
As an instructor who has been teaching for a few years, I thought I had many tricks up my sleeve. This workshop, and the course leader, showed an encyclopedia's worth more. The material and instruction were exceptional!
D. Strickland
I have learned new ways and creative activities to help my learners, and I want to continue learning from the best. Thank you for a wonderful virtual experience. You are AWESOME!!!
R. Wheeler
Langevin's Instructional Design for the Virtual Trainer course is the gold standard for virtual classroom design and delivery. Any company that is considering implementing a virtual classroom option must have their training personnel complete this course BEFORE implementation. This course, when implemented as designed, will guarantee success for...
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A. Chilcote
Best workshop I have attended so far! Fantastic material that is directly applicable on the job.
K. Grzywinski
When people ask me what courses I've taken that have an impact on my LIFE, I always include my Langevin courses. I use what I've learned in the Langevin courses nearly every day in my work.
D. Harshberger
This workshop provided exactly what I need to understand and implement the consulting process as a trainer. I feel very confident now to start using this process!
K. Heintz
The techniques learned in this course are also used to teach the course. Being on both the delivering and receiving end really reinforces the concepts.
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