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Kimberly Goh

I learned so much in this three-day course! There were many good take-always that I will be able to use in my work. I especially liked the fact that the EmC approach is based on the latest science and research.

Kathy K.

I found the training to be enlightening, fascinating and uplifting. The hope and inspiration that this process can be the solution to work interaction are awesome. The instruction through the various aspects of the process is very well done with much reinforcement. I look forward to utilizing this in my personal and professional life for the ben...

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Ryan S.

Mastering Emotional Connection puts the human back into humans! This seems like a long lost art that I wish I would have learned in school. The strength that showing emotion is a sign of weakness is trumped by mastering emotional connection. Dr. Gershfeld is so impressive with her fully integrated program content and her individualized connectio...

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Zora B.

This course was very eye-opening and validating that emotions do matter - in your life and business. Bravo! This training was very interesting and action-oriented! It is a valuable resource to have in your tool-box. We went in-depth and practiced situations that have occurred in our employment, and now we have a way to resolve the problem of a d...

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Dr. Justin C.

The train-the-trainer course was like taking the learning and turn it into performance. It was instructionally powerful with guided practice and materials to continued sharpening the skills. I loved it! It was inspiring and generated great excitement for the future application to help others.

Rich T.

This course is superior, groundbreaking. What Dr. Gershfeld has put together finally gets to the root of conflict resolution. We are emotional beings and we need to matter to those we work with and depend on. We need to connect and this course teaches us how to connect and create connectedness in our working teams and relationships.

Kate S.S.

This course changed my life – both personally and professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend the course. Every person will find this course to be extraordinarily useful and will take away to value and learn something important.

Dr. Justin C.

The tools, the training of how to use them, and the depth of understanding are all enhanced by the smooth and seamless delivery. This will create a great impact on my life and those I share it with.

Ryan C.S.

This training crystalized the essence of what motivates human behavior - emotional connection! To effectively manage change in an organization, it is necessary to understand the "why's" - how to fix a broken cycle and reconnect with those important to us. It has already changed my work AND home life.

Hema Patel

From beginning to end, the content was interaction and created many Aha moments. This process can be used in any situation where dependency and attachment are important, it will be valuable through work and home settings.

Tom W.

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this course. after 3 days of interactive content, I am convinced that it can and will work as a leadership tool - whether with a family, a peer group, or anybody we want a connection to. I'm very excited to use and practice the process I learned in this course. I believe it will make a huge difference i...

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Tina D.

Never before have three days been so rewarding. The training is very engaging allowing for so much information to be learned. To see the concepts put into action and really work is incredible. I feel I am a better person and will make a difference by using the knowledge gained.

Petra Russell

Nothing like experiencing how this process works firsthand. The exercises are designed to really provide step-by-step guidance to "feel your way into the process" and experience some extraordinary and sustainable results. Applicable to so many "disconnected" situations, it is a must-have tool in every coaches toolbox

Vladi Bergart

I really enjoyed and benefited from this course. Dr. Lola Gershfeld is a very knowledgeable instructor who is passionate about the subject of Emotional Connection. This course was eye-opening and provided a solid road map to building emotional bonds, which are vital in improving and maintaining trusting and healthy working relationships among ...

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Jonathan Silk

Cohesive teams get better results and this course teaches the emotional component of cohesion. I highly recommend this class for any manager or supervisor looking to develop strong and lasting relationships within their workgroups or teams.

Maria Wright

I will be forever grateful for the personal and professional transformation that I experience at the EmC training with Dr. Gershfeld. This certification training helped me learn more about the NEED for connection in relationships, and the model for helping others better understand the emotions attached to those bonding needs. This intimate learn...

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David Harris

The Level Five Executive emotional training course is all about practical ways to connect with your colleagues (It's also incredibly useful for applying to non-work situations). Bottom line - if you are having issues with a boss, peer or report, this is the course for you. It teaches how to think about where the relationship soured. Pinpoint...

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Richard Thome

I have been in a learning mode for the last 20 years or so, seeking the best formula to work with Boards and to build team cohesion. This course "Mastering Emotional Connection " was, by far the jewel of all of my training. Dr. Gershfeld has created a gem in this course. I have been able to use it with several boards and it is an excellent appro...

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I have thoroughly enjoyed the two days I spent in the workshop this week. Amazing people, interesting ideas. Highly recommend anyone who deals with boardroom culture.

Richard Ward

Our board meetings are relaxed, fun, and productive. The trust we’ve built by connecting with one another is so valuable in creating a team working toward common goals and growing in our relationships with each other. I’m proud that so many are engaged, empowered, and working together to build a better club.

Wayne Ward

The conversations in our meetings as a team have become very emotional because we actually care about each other and get to the root of the problem. The team is much more in sync, so the work that we do together has elevated results to heights never before achieved.

Wayne Ward

The usage of the EmC process has brought honest and transparent communication into almost everything we discuss as a team: From our discussions on successes and failures, to what’s working and what’s not working. We connect and stay connected. Trust in each other has created a bond like never seen before. Once you build trust within the framewor...

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Richard Thome

This training is a masterpiece for organizations. The blend of great research on emotional connection and its impact on team dynamics and organizational effectiveness is groundbreaking.

Christine Barone

I was fully engaged from the first moment to the last. The EmC process is something everyone can use to improve and impact relationships, personal and professional. It was a remarkable three days I will always use moving forward.

Candace Pearson

The course breaks down the science of how we get into these negative cycles and how we can break free, how we can reconnect and as a result live happier and healthier lives. Every single person should have the opportunity to take a course like this one. It would change the world completely.

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