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Sandy C.
One of the greatest takeaways from our days together is this: I have been creating all the drama, angst, fear, and negativity about my job. That realization broke my heart and gave me hope that I can turn it around by changing my thoughts to create a different reality.
Ed H.
I will continue to encourage my team to seek training opportunities with MindSpring.  I feel you all are doing the work our Agency is currently focused on….not to mention, it’s just the right work period.
Barbara D.
Typically in leadership team meetings I experience negativity, jealousy and judgment. This time I noticed the positive in others and am so grateful for my changed perspective. Thank you for once again being part of my journey.
Anne C.
My mind keeps encountering Haydn's question about what happens if nothing changes, and I've realized not changing is not an option. Change is already happening and it is exhilarating!
Rick D.
I have an extremely important project and my team has been dysfunctional in communication so I put your COIN process to work and we made a lot of porgress in our communication. Thank you, again!
Dawn A.
I had a lot less anxiety coming into the office today than I thought was possible. I had a little niggling of anxiety, but mostly a feeling of peace. I want to thank both you and Haydn for the time you took for us. I am excited about the opportunity I have to grow, and I appreciate you helping me develop this perspective.
Tristan L.
My wife remarked that she’s noticed a definitive change in how I approach my oldest since we started working together – for the positive. I’m looking forward to learning more.
Brandy H.
MindSpring material has remained front and center on my bookshelf at work and home…your courses are transformative. They’ve helped me be a better person, which makes me a better employee and leader.
Jeremy D.
You two are very gifted at enlightening others or perhaps helping others see what is possible within themselves.  Great stuff – thank you!
Roxie S.
I was one of the skeptics on the team: we have had a several trainings (of which I thought yours would be similar) since we began the consolidation process and none seemed to have helped our team, let alone personal lives.  I was SO wrong!  My observance was that you have and will continue to make a difference in most of the lives that you touch...
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Denise T.
Of all of your workshops I have attended this one is the most advanced and at the same time the most accessible. I feel the difference in my life and leadership now.
Kyle G.
I’ve read countless books in search of solutions and while they’ve taught me a lot, I never was able to see the role my mind played in creating all problems, resulting in years and years of unnecessary emotions and negativity. I started healing in this class and will practice the rest of my life to be the BEST person I can be.
Christy R.
I received so much more than “hours” for this class. I accepted a new way to look at things not only as a leader, but also in my personal life. It was safe and caring yet allowed “no excuses.” I am a different person for having attended.
Christy R.
I attended your Conflict Resolution workshop yesterday through our HR department. We are required to have a specific amount of leadership continuing education hours. I talked a friend into going with me to get the hours, and we agreed that if we got our certificates we would slip out early. We did get our certificates early in the day, but I was...
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Marla T.
I want to thank you for a transformation and thought-provoking workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the experiences and the insight provided.
Dave M.
I really enjoyed your training. It is the best I have been to in 33 years, and I have been to MANY! Even the 7 Habits wasn’t as good as yours.
Peggy H.
Thank you again for such an amazing experience. Truly transformational for me. The course also fostered a closer relationship within our team. We are working on ensuring we support each other more. ..feels so much more inclusive than before. I love it. I thought you would like to know I did have a discussion with my supervisor. Didn’t go as smoo...
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Megan T.
You both walk the walk and demonstrate that in your connection with each person and how you believe in your life’s purpose. It was the most authentic training I’ve ever attended.
Natalie R.
So much of what you talked about last week is pertinent in my day-to-day life, and if I just take the time to be present rather than operating on auto-pilot the way I tend to do, I know the strategies will work for me.
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