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Financial Director, Medical Manufacturing Company
One of the powers of Zodiak is that the concepts are generic, but we’re able to put the business-specific language in there, so people can use it every day. The goal is to spread the common financial language throughout our organization
Learning and Development Director, Transportation Company
Our training covers how the financial ratios such as Return on Assets and various margins are determined. Knowing that team managers, supervisors and all employees have this knowledge, enables the company’s leadership to present detailed financial reports and explain to the teams where the margins need to be.
Paradigm Learning was professional, timely and produced exceptional custom material. Updating our content is quick and easy. We'll continue to use this game for years to come.
Bill Rohrer, Director of Supply Chain Process Excellence, Kimberly Clark
By using self-facilitated classroom settings, high interactivity and online capabilities, we are able to take advantage of this training resource as often as needed.
Marla Nobles, Manager of Training and Staffing, Citrix
More and more, project teams are an integral part of our company’s ongoing strategy, Development in this area is critical and Countdown had the right combination of fun and education to engage our ‘Citrites.’
Chief Learning Officer, Foodservice Company
We utilize Zodiak because it gets people processing. By challenging them to think more strategically, they become better examples and leaders for their teams. They’re a part of a larger team that needs to work together to generate the profits that will sustain the business for the long term.
Branch Maanger, Sherwin-Williams
The game was great!It was so Interactive and engaging that I lost track of time and that was a good thing.
Eric Zakovich, Organizational Development Consultant, Xcel Energy
Almost immediately, employees began to see the bigger picture. They were able to go back to their departments and increase other staff member’s financial literacy. This has led to new levels of productivity, efficiency, and overall success at Xcel.
Philippe Bonnet, Vice President of Training and Productivity, Essilor
For them, it’s a good way to really identify through the game what their skills and competencies are … to see what they can bring, what they want to learn and know in order to develop themselves in terms of being ready for the big challenge.
Engineer, Multinational Conglomerate
I though the game, with the addition of working the financial statement, helped with the visualization of the finance supply chain.
Antigoni Mallen, Director of Learning and Development, Expedia
It was the most fun and interesting class I’ve ever taken. I found myself wishing that college finance and accounting had been delivered with a similar approach.
Organizational Effectiveness Director, Furniture Manufacture
The reason Impact5 was so well received by our leaders is that it ties together the company’s strategies with their own key responsibilities and helped them identify where they needed even further development as leader.
Susan Haug, Manager of Financial Training and Development
Zodiak’s versatility has allowed us to adapt it to a large number of business situations and cultures. It really meets our audience’s varied need.
Tom Dietrich, Caterpillar
By playing the game, employees can make a connection to Caterpillar. Our goal is to help the company by helping employees understand how each person affects the organization.
Instructional Designer, HM Health Solutions
Working with the team members at Paradigm was truly an enjoyable experience. They designed and delivered an excellent training event under very tight timeframes. They are truly remarkable, professional individuals. There was never a time that I felt unsure about the training sessions being successful. The training audience was large and they ass...
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Operations Manager, Manufacturing Company
This was a great course. I didn’t know a board game could demonstrate all that! I appreciated the training and how it applied to my organization.
Manager of Emergency Services, St. Joseph's Hospital-North
I feel the program was excellent, very informative, and assisted me with budget cost in my department. It's important for all employees to be aware of the organization’s financial and strategic goals and to know what everyone can do to control budget in their departments.
John Hippely, Boeing
Zodiak has generated some of the best discussions I have facilitated at Boeing. Everyone wants to see Boeing be successful and make an individual contribution to that success.
Production Manager, Aerospace Company
The instructor was one of the best facilitators I've ever had. He was very good at conveying the financial information
Accountant, Financial Services Company
The game was really a unique way to learn this material. I enjoyed the team environment and participation of the group.
Sr. Organizational Capability Consultant, CDW
Our facilitator goes above and beyond to ensure that every session has an experience that is unique to them. His ability to get all leaders from across our organization to better understand the financials behind their roles is second to none. We know we are always in good hands with him.
Chuck Stump, Senior Instructor of Learning and Development, Cessna
We needed to streamline training, reduce classroom time and increase participant involvement in our continued efforts to maintain our edge as a lean organization - whose employees do their jobs better, faster and easier while producing highquality, efficient, safe aircraft.
Vickie Roberts, VP of Training and Productivity
Our people have learned how to act on behalf of our customers’ best interests by speaking their language—they truly understand their strategies and situations and can offer some real solutions.
Christine Hunter, Director of Organization Development and Training, Del Monte
Zodiak pulls you out of your functional role and enables you to look at the bigger picture. You bring the depth of your role to the learning experience, and Zodiak gives you a broader business understanding and perspective about how Del Monte operates.
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