Course participant reviews for Promote International

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The way the program modeled the content. The content itself was both intuitive yet fresh and new. The facilitators were great, personable, etc. The group calls were nice - good social learning. I see an opportunity for more group interaction outside of the calls, though.


Very professional facilitators and the learning platform Promote working together to make an online class feel alive


I thought it was good that the cohorts were split by level of experience. It helped me keep up with classmates who were in the field on a day to day basis.


In the HPLJ training I learned the essentials to design programs that link learning to performance. Decades of Brinkerhoff wisdom are concentrated into clear, practical actions that can be used in any situation. Hands down the best instructional design related program I've taken during more than two decades in talent development.


My work is very demanding. Often putting in more than 8 hours a day, so if the sessions had been a little bit more spaced it would have been easier to manage, but I coped.


I think it’s wonderful that I got to participate in such an innovative learning experience and will allow me to position myself as I wish to transition into L&D.


The assignments at first felt challenging almost to the extent of "can I do this", but were actually precisely right for each level, preparing me for the next in a logical pace and created an excellent crawl-walk-run experience. The facilitators are driven and engaged and answer questions and lead sessions in a very good way. It was never boring...

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Wish I had the time to immerse myself in it. Will we be able to keep our info from the training and go back to refresh when needed?


I really enjoyed the interaction with the rest of the cohort, the fact that I was mentally primed to attend the certification and know what to expect before I entered the classroom. The crawl walk run approach of the program was really clever.


Very good facilitator. The facilitating had advanced beyond the learning material.


The theory and tools were really good!! The entire HPLJ approach is amazing! I liked the fact that the tasks were targeted at the implementation of a course.


It gave me a structured way of working with Tools, definitions and models based on experience and research


I really enjoy learning, so any new input which feels relevant and valuable is great from my point of view. I suppose the most enjoyable points revolved around interaction: when another learner commented on one of my posts, or I received feedback comments from a facilitator, or when my case was used during one of the webinars. Those were probabl...

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I liked the structure and logic of the program. I didn't like the way it was conveyed though.


I designed and applied HPLJ directly to myself and friends. I have changed my life's behavior and habits, and so are my friends. It has been an amazing change and has successfully transformed areas that are not possible with formal learnings, treatments or drugs. I think that now is the time to design a variety of HPLJ to give a social impact. W...

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Well-designed program. Sometimes pace a little slow on sessions which can be frustrating when you're very busy.


The program is 100% virtual. I enjoy personal meetings and had lack of commitment time to time. The platform, Promote, only tells me when I've failed to deliver, I would have appreciated a "heads up". Otherwise, great experience.


Through HPLJ, you have a framework that can be used on so many different training scenarios. Very helpful.


The HPLJ program was well thought out, clear expectations and activities, the right pacing, virtual sessions were engaging, professional, and tight.


For us the timing to participate was perfect, we were able to upgrade our programs immediately and start delivering to real clients. It is a practical approach that also serves to have more effective client conversations.


The content itself was fresh, new to me. I like the idea of supplementing traditional learning to encompass SO MANY opportunities, activities, and relationships that are around us. This course has absolutely changed the way I look at learning...and I can use this in EVERY aspect of my life, not simply in my Education Work Center.

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