Course participant reviews for Proven Training Solutions

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James B.
I didn't realize that sometimes my words have a caustic sting
Fred S.
I don't let other people speak enough - I dominate conversations
David E.
My impulsive decision-making style can cause employee frustration - need to change!
Omar F.
My lack of planning can lead to self-inflicted emergencies…this impacts employees
Kenneth T.
Nevil J.
I can come across as nit-picky to employees - gets them frutstrated
Mary I.
I may stifle informal communication in my department
Billy N.
I need to stop micro-managing because some emplyees can read it as I don't trust them.
Tony M.
I agree that I can come across as self-serving to my employees
David P.
It was an eye opener to see that some employees look at me as controlling or manipulating
Rick M.
Sometimes my personality causes me to overstep my boundaries
James D.
Emotion can get the best of me- I need to stay in better control of myself
Rod R.
I interrupt people too much - I need to listen better
Duane D.
Anil P.
There are some employees who probably think I come across as bluntor arrogant
Jasper W.
Recognized that sometimes I can get caught up in fault-finding or blaming
Allan S.
Setting unrealitic expectations for employees can contribute to the feeling of an unfair environment
Mark R.
I liked the specific recommendations & suggestions I can implement immediately
Angela S.
Mike M.
The importance of personal and informal communication was something my virtual team was missing
Jimmy H.
I recognize that I can come across as overly aggressive to some employees
Randy J.
I need to be careful of sharing too much personal information with staff
Dustin S.
Some employees can perceive me as a know it all and it contributes to arguments
Dani P.
My nonverbal communication can appear as threatening to some
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