Course participant reviews for SSPC - The Society for Protective Coatings

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Based on 62 reviews          

Jeremy Janak   |   12/11/2018
Increased knowledge of lead and other hazardous materials
Steve Flasch   |   12/11/2018
SSPC has been an invaluable part of my professional development. They are the experts in the field of coatings/corrosion.
Dustin Patton   |   12/11/2018
Gaining knowledge of the requirements to be a competent person in the field of coatings and inspection is highly valuable.
Bruce Johnson   |   12/11/2018
It was nice to get more info on the specific task that I do every day.
Darrell Belmudez   |   12/11/2018
Clearer understanding of the specifications and strategies required to properly execute and complete lead projects with highest worker safety and quality results.
Daniel King   |   12/11/2018
QP 1 certification has helped a great deal with my ability to accurately estimate
Anonymous   |   12/11/2018
There were a lot of fine details that I learned
Jack O'Dell   |   12/11/2018
This will greatly help us in implementing best practices to keep workers safe and comply with regulatory standards.
Jarrod Bachmeier   |   12/1/2018
Achieving this certification only makes me more valuable as an employee to my company. And will only help my career in the long run.
Kari Smith   |   11/30/2018
I reccomend taking the C5 to stay up to date on all regulatory aspects of deleading. Meeting the other people in the class helps with networking with fellow coating professionals.
Orville K. Blanton   |   11/30/2018
Periodic review of the requirements and any updates and changes helps me in my performance of my project duties pertaining to bridge rehabilitation and removal handling and storage of hazardous materials generated during the project and safety of all personnel during the activities.
Roberto P. Ramirez   |   11/30/2018
Makes me feel more confident in myself and more capable to do my job
Delon Williams   |   11/30/2018
It helped me to fill in all the blanks on things I did not completely understand while doing a preparation or coating process
Ethan Thomas   |   11/30/2018
I feel it is very important to me to know every detail about my job, so that i am able to perform any task to the best of my ability.
Roberto P. Ramirez   |   11/29/2018
It makes feel more confident and I got to learn new information about spraying epoxy paint.
Kawai Omakana Wong   |   11/28/2018
It is well thought out and I learned a lot from the class/training now I can use it back at work and get better at blasting.
Rodrigo Bolo   |   11/26/2018
Very beneficial for my job assessment
Kathryn Dannehy   |   11/26/2018
This course has been in invaluable training opportunity that will directly impact my ability to provide quality assurance of Navy paint and preservation work.
Linda Vazquez   |   11/26/2018
I have acquired knowledge to how corrosion occurs and not just coatings which I mostly see with my job specification.
Anonymous   |   11/26/2018
I have new knowledge about paint and coatings to enhance my understanding of the importance of corrosion control
Brian Imlay   |   11/26/2018
I have a better idea of what it takes to get the ship back in service.
Dean Sheckles   |   11/26/2018
Great information for use in daily job
Luis Pena   |   11/26/2018
It's critical for my work environment to develop and educate myself thoroughly on the subject
Anonymous   |   11/26/2018
I really benefited alot from the training. I Got to know a number of things I never knew before. Thanks sspc
Patricia Hernandez   |   11/19/2018
I now have knowledge to do things right and with confedence.


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