Course participant reviews for SSPC - The Society for Protective Coatings

Average rating 4.8

Based on 81 reviews

Francisco Marrujo
This class was very helpful and informative. Is opening me more opportunity of work...
Cameron Grogan
This was a very beneficial experience because it provides the neccessary training to be a successful painter / blaster.
Yuriel Addine
I came into this class with zero knowledge about coatings, I am leaving the last day feeling I am able to do an inspection job.
Chad Clauson
I received a better understanding of the process that we go through for bridge painting
Kevin Flores
It explained how to perform the test very well
Ramon Mejias
It helps providing a better understanding of marine coatings/corrosion terms and equipments. Show you really well the dos and donts which lead you to have a better approach to anything related to my job and others in the same line of workmment
Darrius Graham
Thankful to have a chance to be apart of this some people try they whole life to get here.Its the equivalent to a championship boxer this is my championship I love my craft.
Adeeb Haddad
Makes me a more valuable worker and helps me understand my job better to prevent accident and do better quality work
Luis Ruiz
It gives me the knowledge and satisfaction of knowing that I can bring my professionalism to the next level. I aim to keep learning and growing in my career path. Thanks to SSPC!
Chastin Hough
Learned lots of new things about my trade making me more work ready and efficient.
Jayden Carter
I benefit from this course Because I will be dealing with lead paint remove
Glynn Loftin
A great way to broaden professional scope
Gerardo Flores
I believe that all info given to me was essential to my daily job scope and made me more aware of certain job processes and steps needed to complete task .
Kenneth Rooper
Coming into class I knew nothing about coatings but I believe know I have somewhat of a grasp but hopefully being in the field I will learn the hands on part more
Rod Sosnowski
Took in a lot of information, interesting and useful. From scopes,dollars,overall knowledge
Cody Purves
As lead hand or foreman we don't always get the details involving the cost side of the job or how it was estimated exactly
Ronny Van Poppel
Sspc has different courses for inspectors but also for people on the workfloor that want to get higher on the ladder in their job, that can make the difference in a professional career !
Mike Bivens
I have a greater understanding of Lead and it’s importants. Disposel, contents and Quality control And safety measures
Jeremy Janak
Increased knowledge of lead and other hazardous materials
Steve Flasch
SSPC has been an invaluable part of my professional development. They are the experts in the field of coatings/corrosion.
Dustin Patton
Gaining knowledge of the requirements to be a competent person in the field of coatings and inspection is highly valuable.
Bruce Johnson
It was nice to get more info on the specific task that I do every day.
Darrell Belmudez
Clearer understanding of the specifications and strategies required to properly execute and complete lead projects with highest worker safety and quality results.
Daniel King
QP 1 certification has helped a great deal with my ability to accurately estimate
There were a lot of fine details that I learned
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