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CEO, Clinical Care Options & Practicing Clinicians Exchange
Thank you again so much for supporting our team, organization, and mission.   Your expertise in building teams is second to none and I’d be foolish to not take full advantage of all your experience and wisdom.  I am so looking forward to working with Stewart Leadership again!
Integrating the LEAD NOW! principles into our organization enabled us to deliver excellence to our customers and our employees.
Director of Commercial Effectiveness, Exact Sciences
Stewart Leadership’s Managing Your Career workshop helps you identify where you've been and more importantly, where you want to go in your career. The four-step process allows you to put a plan together that is well thought out and actionable – no more excuses!
I like how you turned the career planning process into practice tools. So many others make this process very complicated, and turn off folks from completing their career plan
(I enjoyed the) different tips to work with a remote workforce. Also the additional tips to try different approaches on working day-to-day with a remote staff.
This was a great workshop, I felt very motivated at the end of the day. Biggest takeaway was not only to manage change down and across, but up the org structure as well. I also found value in understanding where each individual may be on the scale of accepting and participating in the change activity.
I love the ability to aggregate a TON of data points so seamlessly to help compartmentalize, prioritize and yet still meaningful enough to be able to come back to later in the year.
If you are looking for a company that will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to enhance team performance, Stewart Leadership should be your partner!
The coursework is right on, the presentation is outstanding, and it can be applied across the board.
Stewart Leadership delivers, by far, some of the best training I have received in my career.
The level of content Stewart Leadership offers is far above what a lot of companies are doing in the training space.
Your tools and insights have now spread to all of our employees and helped them out during this time of continual change. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!
I loved all of the tools to help us think through key items we need to focus on to manage our career.
The content was so relevant. Good examples provided and very interactive.
S. Forney
The meeting showed where the cracks in the foundation were, so that we could fix them.
K. Blake
I noticed the practical exercises brought out collaboration and participation from the senior to newly hired employees providing better dialog and communications.
My biggest takeaway from the LEAD NOW! Self Assessment was around listening - I am really focused more on sitting back and listening more to understand caregivers before responding.
Shonna Mueller, Executive Assistant at Regional Health
I discovered through the insights provided in the LEAD NOW! Self Assessment that I utilize all four quadrants, just not equally. I need to work on leveraging. At work, I will need to be more diligent to speak up and communicate effectively.
Rita Stacy, Director of Patient Services-LDRH at Regional Health
The assessment revealed insights in the area of Organizational Savvy - I thought I possessed stronger ties/bonds in this area than what came out of the assessment. But certainly this gives me an area to work on. Within LDRH leaders have completed a DISC profile and within the Nurse leadership throughout the RH system (these results haven't bee...
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Easy, user friend self assessment. Enjoyed it.
Lori Wrightman, CNO at Regional Health
Through the LEAD NOW! Assessment, I learned how time management is impacting my ability to do the work that I most enjoy
HR Generalist
This workshop taught me that great leaders balance the business results as much as the people results.
HR Generalist
I learned in this workshop the importance of Leadership and how vital change management is.
HR Specialist
What makes a great leader - strong on both business results and social skills.
Training & Development Leader
The way the topic was presented was very valuable as well as the coaching cards that we given out. This was the most valuable presentation of the day in my opinion.
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