Course participant reviews for Emotional Intelligence Training

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Customer care rep
This did help me learn what triggers me by how I react and found that by working with "stop" specifically with work calls, and it has helped me to recognize and be aware--which is the big thing---about the triggers. I have done the techniques for the focused attention before in a few different forms, but this has been in a new way--a new purpose...
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Customer care rep
This has helped in my interaction with customers and coworkers
Customer care rep
this is helped me sit, and just listen- rather than quickly responding.
Taylor M
I learned that identifying and processing emotion is very important. I learned several tools and processes to manage this.
Ashley S
I learned to identify my emotions before I act on them. See where they are coming from and from there it greatly improved my communication capabilities.
Katie F
I learned that I need to slow down in communication so that I can do less knee jerk responding.
Kate M
I really appreciated the journal prompts that day as they enlightened some intentions in my life
This training made it quite clear that I am not effectively dealing with a trama in my personal life, and it is affecting both my life at work and outside of work. I am now working with a professioanl one-on-one and am making progress. I could not be more grateful to have discovered this.
Zach S
This class helped me discover that I have the internal strength to face the challenges that stand in the way of my goals.
Leith R
The STOP technique is really helpful to utilize especially in the sales role.
Patricia H
I learned that I have a lot of emotions, but I am not my emotions. They are only a fleeting thing, that I can choose how I wish to react.
Corporate Account Executive
Its made me more patient, it's helped me enjoy my free time more. Overall it has helped me focus more on the good and let go of everything else
Corporate Account Executive
I work in sales and I have to deliver news of price increases. It never goes over well and people are always angry and upset. It has been nice to compartmentalize that and not have it affect the next call that I go into with another person.
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