Course participant reviews for Mindfulness Training

Average rating 4.9

Based on 23 reviews.

Project manager
Wide variety of topics and practices covered really helped me find something that worked for me
Project manager
Great opportunity for self-reflection, learning tools to be more effective at what we do, and generally have a better sense of wellbeing at work and at home
The follow up texts and information helped to continue the mindfulness training and helped ensure it become a daily routine.
Gained a deeper understanding of what mindfulness ACTUALLY means (e.g. being present)
Loved the practical tips on how to be more mindful - particularly mindful listening.
The exercises were great! I felt refreshed afterwards, and it gave me a great new perspective. I've begun applying mindfulness practices most days since the training. I think the texts were integral to my application. I would have forgotten otherwise.
The practice of simple steps and the materials -- simple placard to remind us of 4 step routine, text reminder service -- very effective methods to get into mindfulness practice
Knowledge Analyst
I learned how to actively listen more when I am in a conversation with others - super helpful!
Administrative Assistant
I learned how to not let the little things bother you. How to be able to take a step back, reevaluate the situation, and be able to let it go/move on.
DevOps Architect
Enjoyed the different approaches to mindfulness than some ones I've already tried. Better approaches towards mindfulness at work.
Change manager
Finally got a great, simple definition of mindfulness and learned approaches to make mindfulness part of my daily routine.
Customer care rep
i think the course was very beneficial to work and home life. creating good habits
Customer care rep
It has helped to slow some conversations down and helped to descelate calls
Wade N
I learned that the mindfullness methods that were taught have a tangible impact on myself. The days when I practiced mindfullness were dramatically more productive.
Lisa L
Taking time out of the middle of the day to talk about mindfulness with coworkers is really beneficial by helping us all stay aware together.
Angela H
This course was so helpful that I would take the exact same one again!
Kristie D
I enjoyed the time spent learning about myself and the time spent with people I see everyday but might not interact with much.
Justin A
This course was very accessible even to people that were not familiar with the concepts
Dick D
It's easier than I thought to start a mindfulness routine
Dan G
This was a welcome change to my daily life at work
Corporate Account Executive
The hour long mindfulness class in the morning was the best part of the week for the past 8 weeks
Product Development
I was churning a lot. I was being really ineffective… it was probably after the mindful email exercise where I realized, hmm, wait a second, you're spending a lot of your time being inefficient, being concerned
Corporate Account Executive
I'd say it's not as wacky as you think it is. When I first heard about mindfulness I thought "Oh my god, we are all going to sit around in a circle and hum together. I thought it was going to be kind of weird. Actually it was so beneficial
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