Course participant reviews for The Dynamic Leadership Center

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Grace B
I am a much better mindful listener now. I recognize I always want to add something or jump in and with the exercise I find myself waiting to respond and really listening wholeheartedly now. I also find myself being more mindful in the day to day based on some of the exercises. I use the STOP more too. Easy for me to say STOP. Texts were great.
Caitlin L
It is challenging to form new habits, but this course provides the tools to help you get over the hump
Mike N
I'm way too hard on myself, and I learned strategies to be more forgiving while staying motivated
Jessica R
I now catch myself more often when I'm not listening or paying attention. I've also been reminded of the importance of mindfulness and meditation in my overall wellbeing and mental state/stress level.
Matt H
I learned that I am capable of identifying when I'm distracted and pulling my attention back to the task at hand. I already meditated in the mornings, but this course has caused me to sporadically do mindfulness exercises during the day.
Nikole L
I learned what my body feels like and how to recognize when I'm frustrated, irritated, or stressed
Sandy L.
Everyone will get something out of this training. It will provide you with practical tools to employ at tough moments of stress and help you realize that you can change your mindset and behaviors at any point in life.
Project manager
The framing of positivity was really helpful on a day to day basis
Tevia S.
Very practical tools that can actually be used day to day. Has really changed the way I operate and engage with others, especially in high stress situations or when I'm extremely tired
Project manager
Wide variety of topics and practices covered really helped me find something that worked for me
Project manager
Great opportunity for self-reflection, learning tools to be more effective at what we do, and generally have a better sense of wellbeing at work and at home
Virginia G.
There's a lot of material but even if you only take away small pieces it will be useful / impactful
Amanda A.
Great program, great resource for tools to make this job more enjoyable and make us better at the job. Definitely keep doing this!
Project manager
The in person sessions were fantastic! And the weekly check-ins were a good forcing function to ensure that I was practicing
Project manager
The training offers a broad array of ways to tackle this challenge. The time commitment is reasonable, though not insignificant. The live and video conference sessions were great - good balance of instruction and reflection. I always looked forward to these trainings
Amanda G.
Wonderful experience to get this exposure and training in a work context
Laura D.
Gives time to reflect on personal/professional development in a different way than we used to; allows building stronger connection with colleagues and friends
The email reading exercise was very relevant-- it was a tactical way to consider the reactions driven by certain people in my inbox and how I can better respond to them.
Perfect mix of lecture, talking with partner, and practicing.
Very grateful that my company offered this!
Loved how interactive it was. The sessions were so engaging, the time went by fast!
I liked the practical exercises that could be applied immediately after the session
Practical ways to implement this content in daily life
Great session - presenter was thoughtful, articulate and made the session interactive. Also, a very important / useful topic.
This was a nice introduction. Now I want to learn even more!
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