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The follow up texts and information helped to continue the mindfulness training and helped ensure it become a daily routine.
Gained a deeper understanding of what mindfulness ACTUALLY means (e.g. being present)
Loved the practical tips on how to be more mindful - particularly mindful listening.
The exercises were great! I felt refreshed afterwards, and it gave me a great new perspective. I've begun applying mindfulness practices most days since the training. I think the texts were integral to my application. I would have forgotten otherwise.
The practice of simple steps and the materials -- simple placard to remind us of 4 step routine, text reminder service -- very effective methods to get into mindfulness practice
Very helpful to be reminded that taking time to be in the present is key to success in all areas.
Tactical tips on mindfulness that I now use on a daily basis. Really has helped with stress management
I thought the content was new, different, and interesting to me. I think beyond that, the lessons learned were very valuable - too often we rush around here trying to get things done as fast as possible when maybe it's more beneficial to take a step back and breathe.
Marketing manager
Remind myself to step back from stress and focus even if only for a minute.
PA Coordinator
This course taught me how to manage stress better and be present. Yes, I will definitely use the techniques learnt
Lead Knowledge Analyst
I learned he importance of being aware of your focus, how the topic of your focus is affecting you, and improving concentraion
Lead Analyst
I learned how to train yourself to be more mindful and a bit about how our brains can be wired to focus on different aspects of things/situations (e.g. positive vs negative).
UX Lead
I learned that it doesnt distract from your day to take a few minutes to slow down, refocus, and move forward with more clarity.
Knowledge Analyst
I learned how to actively listen more when I am in a conversation with others - super helpful!
Administrative Assistant
I learned how to not let the little things bother you. How to be able to take a step back, reevaluate the situation, and be able to let it go/move on.
DevOps Architect
Enjoyed the different approaches to mindfulness than some ones I've already tried. Better approaches towards mindfulness at work.
Change manager
Finally got a great, simple definition of mindfulness and learned approaches to make mindfulness part of my daily routine.
HR Assistant
Great tips and techniques on how to calm yourself during a tense or stressful situation, take control of the emotions you are feeling, and retain focus for longer periods of time.
DevOps Architect
Great training! It was nice to actually try the exercises in real time too.
Customer care rep
I have learned to be more aware of my reactions, responses, and to listen instead of preparing my response
Customer care rep
i think the course was very beneficial to work and home life. creating good habits
Customer care rep
It has helped to slow some conversations down and helped to descelate calls
Customer care rep
I learned how to refocus my mind to focus on the present instead of wondering off
Customer care rep
This did help me learn what triggers me by how I react and found that by working with "stop" specifically with work calls, and it has helped me to recognize and be aware--which is the big thing---about the triggers. I have done the techniques for the focused attention before in a few different forms, but this has been in a new way--a new purpose...
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Customer care rep
This has helped in my interaction with customers and coworkers
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