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Customer care rep
this is helped me sit, and just listen- rather than quickly responding.
Customer care rep
Helped me to keep calm during an escalated call and listen better to the pro and their issues to better address
Renee R
I need to make self-care and reflection more of a priority. It is too easy to use the excuse of "being busy" when a few minutes a day of being present and recognizing emotions can make a world of a difference.
Nigel G
I learned that I experience negative thoughts (stress, for work and otherwise) often, which can bring my mood down. Taking the time to refocus my mind was very helpful. I found that I would have a renewed focus on upcoming tasks.
Dave C
I learned that I really need to pay more attention to my body and my mind. I tend to get caught up in the busy-ness of everyday life and forget to even breathe sometimes. This class was helpful for me to bring more awareness to the important things in life and how to cope with the stressful world we live in.
Taylor M
I learned that identifying and processing emotion is very important. I learned several tools and processes to manage this.
Ashley S
I learned to identify my emotions before I act on them. See where they are coming from and from there it greatly improved my communication capabilities.
Jon M
The biggest take away for me has been to take a step back, fix my eyes on something and focus on my breathing. Has helped in numerous situations.
Wade N
I learned that the mindfullness methods that were taught have a tangible impact on myself. The days when I practiced mindfullness were dramatically more productive.
Max J
While I am comfortable in intense 1:1 situations, I now have the tools to start working on being comfortable presenting in groups
Kaite M
My greatest learning point stemmed from the conversations and reflections I shared with co-workers. I learned that I struggle with vulnerability and letting people into my life. While this stems from my past I realize it's importance and want to use meditation to help feel more comfortable being vulnerable, and vulnerability is what makes effec...
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Andrew S
Really enjoyed the hands on practice and exercises - the more the better!
Paige H
This course has changed the way I communicate with others in the workplace and changed my outlook on work/life in general.
Drew L
I learned that I thought I was a good listener but realized I am not. This course gave me the tools to start improving my listening
Lisa L
Taking time out of the middle of the day to talk about mindfulness with coworkers is really beneficial by helping us all stay aware together.
Angela H
This course was so helpful that I would take the exact same one again!
Kristie D
I enjoyed the time spent learning about myself and the time spent with people I see everyday but might not interact with much.
Justin A
This course was very accessible even to people that were not familiar with the concepts
Katie F
I learned that I need to slow down in communication so that I can do less knee jerk responding.
Nancy J
Very informative and a great way to start off the week
John P.
The facilitator had a calming presence which was helpful as he guided us through exercises
Kate M
I really appreciated the journal prompts that day as they enlightened some intentions in my life
This training made it quite clear that I am not effectively dealing with a trama in my personal life, and it is affecting both my life at work and outside of work. I am now working with a professioanl one-on-one and am making progress. I could not be more grateful to have discovered this.
Zach S
This class helped me discover that I have the internal strength to face the challenges that stand in the way of my goals.
Leith R
The STOP technique is really helpful to utilize especially in the sales role.
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