Course participant reviews for The Leader's Institute

Average rating 4.7

Based on 49 reviews.

Brian Lamb, AXYS Industrial Solutions
I gained confidence in public speaking throughout the course because of the course plan and all of the practice. I would recommend this course because it exceeded my expectations.
Patrick Williams, TIAA-CREF
Great teacher and strong motivator. What I have accomplished in 2 days has definitely laid the foundation for much greater ease in public speaking.
Mamie Woods, Chasse Consulting
I started the course timid and unsure and unable to come up with words. By the end of the class I was able to use stories effectively and trust myself – thank you very much Leader’s Institute!
Chien Sze, EPA
I gained new ideas and learned to be more animated in delivering a presentation.
Christa Schapka, Kuka Robotics Corp.
The class really boosted my confidence and also showed me how to really engage the audience.
I feel much more confident presenting in front of a group. The video of myself helped me to see that even though I feel very nervous, my audience cannot see it. It was well worth my time and money. Dawn Gardner, Penson Financial Services
This 2-day seminar far exceeded my expectations. The instructor was absolutely wonderful, both personally and as a group facilitator. Sherri Reid, BodyGuard Foods
Harriett Conti, Syracuse University
I believe that as I put the skills that I learned in Fearless Presentations® to use more and more and practice, my confidence as a speaker will continue to grow.
Paul Mestre
This workshop helped me to feel more confident. relaxed, and to deliver a clear concise message
Daniel Hociota, Martinrea International, Inc.
I have a much higher confidence in myself and my ability to speak in front of a group.
Andy Justice, Shell Oil
The class helped me in overcoming nervousness by giving me a lot of opportunities to practice and I appreciate how stories and structure can help my presentations.
Bill Mulcahy, XI Group
This class exceeded my expectations and I will recommend it to others.
Taylor Fudge, CMR
The instructor’s energy and enthusiasm was very nice. I feel more confident in my speaking ability. I found your information useful and valuable.
Marcia Coulson, Eldon James
The most valuable parts of the class for me were the practice in front of the group, the creative techniques for public speaking and constructive feedback and the confirmation that I am on the right track.
Vickie Wynn
Great improvement in confidence and my ability to present in front of others
Michael Helmick, Dept of Veterans Affairs
Fearless Presentations® helped me develop more self-confidence, showed me preparation techniques that were easy and useful, and showed me how to add stories and impact to my presentations.
Laurie Pajot, Europ Assistance USA
I have a better idea on how to develop my ideas quickly and how to organize my thoughts into an effective order.
Martin Ellard, Waste Management
I was skeptical it could be done in 2 days. I was truly amazed how far we were able to come in a short period.
Joseph Rodriguez, Professional Images
I was hesitant at first, but was at ease once the class started. The instructor was great! She was patient and really helped me to define my style and helped me to keep my words short but effective. I feel much more confident!
Alma Rodriguez, USMC
I really enjoyed having the hands on training in the class. This combined with the theory really helped me to build my presentations skills.
Catherine Koch, Reily Foods
I enjoyed the class thoroughly. The methods taught make sense.
Dianna Reed, PreVisor
Great pointers in overcoming anxiety. I really like that the instructor gave positive feedback after the presentations.
Jon Swire, ReMax
The teacher was great. I received valuable information to help me with my upcoming speech for the book I am promoting.
Chris Lisowski, AIT World Wide Logistics
I learned how to be more expressive with my voice and hands. I was encouraged to realize that people in the audience don’t know when I mess up because I’m the only one who knows exactly what I want to say.
Jennifer Lamb, AXYS Industrial Solutions
The class exceeded my expectations. I was extremely nervous coming into the class and I now after seeing my video in the class I couldn’t believe how much that I had improved!
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