Course participant reviews for Selling Value, Overcoming Price

Average rating 4.6

Based on 11 reviews.

John H., Ply Gen

This is an effective way to demonstrate buying and selling process in terms of the buyer's perspective.

Eric H., Ply Gem

[It was most helpful] to learn about listening and asking additional questions, drilling down [with the prospect.] Very thorough and applicable.

Anonymous, Ply Gem

I realized that [asking more] questions early on will help me close later on. Don't focus on costs right away.

Matt T., Ply Gem

There are things I can put into practice. I have to make sure I have addressed what [my customers] tell me.

Marisa G., Imagine Learning

I did my best to slow them down by asking the Assistant Superintendent budget questions that they hadn’t previously answered. That was a win because I’ve been trying to get an in with her for four years now.

Anne H., Imagine Learning

I learned how to probe for the 2nd need… and show customers the pain of staying with their current solution or no solution at all

Kristin B., Imagine Learning

Having a list of *meaningful* questions that we can use to plant seeds for positioning our product was a great exercise to practice. I also think that will be very helpful once it is part of the routine as it does create a vision that we put our customer's needs first.

Lupita E., Imagine Learning

I began to see through my customers eyes, and I actually used some of the questions on meetings this past Thursday and Friday. It felt great! Thank you!

Joseph A., Imagine Learning

I got a lot of great ideas/talking points for how to really dig in to understand a prospect's needs. Then, to help them understand their full problem/feel the true pain BEFORE pitching or talking price. Those are critical for being able to create the value necessary to get someone eager to buy.

Louis M., Imagine Learning

Thinking through possible questions related to history, symptoms, cause, complications and cure was a good way to ensure that I don't rush through the meeting but instead come up with a series of questions and answers that lead to more useful information I can use to create a proposal they will buy in to.

Thomas E., Corporate Account Executive

Really dug into diagnosing the customer's goals as well as looking for the 2nd need. Also emphasized slowing down and not providing a solution before knowing all the challenges.

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