Course participant reviews for Turpin Communication

Average rating 5

Based on 124 reviews

A. Brust
Very constructive and engaging feedback. So clear on how to improve.
G. Smith
Really exceeded expectations!
J. Boeser
This was the most valuable training I have received at my company.
I. Pagan
I feel like I learned how to move better in the room and how to make my delivery better. Also, how to not think too much on what I need to say and trust the process more.
F. DePont
All was well prepared, thoughtful, well delivered - good learning opportunities, great feedback. Very enjoyable.
T. Power
Feedback on the videotaped presentations and how to control Q&A were particularly useful.
V. Chandramouli
The most valuable part of the program was being videotaped and the individual coaching/review sessions. I really enjoyed the small group setting. It facilitated a trusting and comfortable environment.
B. Coca
Seeing myself gave a better perspective on how I perform which I was not aware of previously. I think this was a well designed program, and this was one of the best workshops I've attended. Definitely was worth going through the process.
M. Patton
So energetic and easy to be vulnerable and receive honest feedback.
A. Toy
The framing exercise helped with simple steps for starting a meeting and engaging participants at the outset.
R. Ruggieo
I think pointing out what specific tools we can use to help each individual person was beneficial (eye contact vs. pause).
B. Seffren
Loved the matrix - I will try using this before my next meeting.
R. Hart
The session felt very personal/customized to each participant, and we were able to learn with each other. Watching video was useful.
M. Drones
I think that the most valuable part of the program is understanding areas where you are strongest and weakest. This was much better than I anticipated. It was a good balance of instruction and participation.
J. Anderson
The instructor is the most valuable part of the workshop. Dale shared knowledge and insight that will help me be a better benefit to Northwestern.
B Vugrinovich
I was looking forward to this workshop, and it did not disappoint! I really enjoyed the content, delivery, and immediate feedback. Awesome job guys - thank you so much! I intend to utilize the tools and to share them with my team as well!
N Risher
I'm glad I participated in this class.
J Wiedenheft
This has been one of the most effective courses I've taken. This gave me tools to not only help better myself, but for my reps.
B Heggie
The class projects not only developed my skills as a presenter, but also shed light on who I am as a person (improviser) and how that influences my current presentation style. I am able to take the recommendations for someone like me, to become a more effective speaker.
S Stankevich
I anticipate using this model of framing the conversation for both presentations and meetings.
S Yeom
I came to this workshop absolutely dreading it. After this workshop, I feel a big weight has lifted off my shoulders. It gave me simple tools and strategies to apply to my work and presentations. I came wanting to be a more confident, likeable, expert presenter and I feel I'm closer to my goal.
K Jay
It was really helpful to have the on the spot feedback and one on one coaching to evaluate.
M Wetmore
Overall, this program helped me become more confident as a presenter, and more confident in my ability to have higher-level conversations.
A Molnar
Extremely helpful! Saw major improvements!
C Pace
Best class I've taken here. Very beneficial!
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