Course participant reviews for Turpin Communication

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Zafar F.

A very well designed and well presented webinar highlighting valuable points and advise on the Communication Skills in the current environment and the need of the Virtual World expertise developing leadership skills.

Cindy H.

I really enjoyed the supervisor class that was put on April 14th. I felt the room engaged in awareness of possibilities. Thank you for your time. I look forward to more information going forward to build our teams.

Mahumani H.

The course was exceptional, it addressed how to deal with different challenges leaders come across in the corporate world.

Jacques Gaumond
Saurabh T.

Full of authentic and knowledgeable facts along with personal experiences of the organizers helps the participants to connect more on what skills they need in order work on their particular weaknesses.


This course gave me several new ideas on how to communicate with others

Tiffany M.

Turpin always delivers high quality content and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business presentations. I always feel like I take actionable knowledge away from their webinars! As a new business presenter, they have helped me tremendously. Thank you for all that you do!


I've been a facilitator for over 20 years, but I always learn something new when I attend a Turpin Communication event. These folks are knowledgeable and authentic, and they've helped to put me at ease as a presentor. I used to be terrified to present in front of an audience, now I see presenting as an opportunity to communicate with a large gro...

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I appreciate the conversational style & helpful tips. Thanks!

Nicole C.

The way they reframed the common misconceptions toward presentations was informative, intriguing, and relatable.


They practiced many of the tips (unplanned tips too like admitting technical difficulties) and they were perfect examples which heightened understanding. It was exceptionally professional, organized and flowed consistently, there’s a reason they’re in the communication business.

Pawan K.A.

It was a nice webinar which enfolded various aspects be keep in mind while conducting Hybrid meetings and also ensure attention of the attendees during these meetings

Pawan K.A.

Great seminar, which unfolded various myth about the presentation

Zafar F.

For many years Skills coaches have been giving the WRONG advises which didn't help in making a good presentation. Learning with Dale & Greg now that these are all just Myths and they taught well in this webinar how to really combat the fears and gain confidence and make a good presentation. Thank you, guys! Looking forward to attending the next ...

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Cathy H.

Most useful for me were: -The part about six bullets not being gospel -Ok to read slide content aloud -Goals of speech vs. presentation -Three uses for Visual Aids

Zafar F.

The topic was well designed and presented. A Hybrid Meeting SIMULATION would've added value.

Mike N.

Dale and Greg packed considerable value into this brief webinar. Using their own methodology of leading presentations as orderly conversations, the two created a dynamic, interactive session filled with tools and strategies I can use while coaching my team. I look forward to putting these techniques into practice.

Mouhiba Jamoussi

Excellent experience Please let us participants have the recording

Eric B.

Great class with excellent methods to provide feedback. Look forward to trying what I learned.

Mouhiba J.

Excellent experience Please let us participants have the recording

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