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H. Ruffin
This course really helps outline a new way of thinking of process change in a comprehensive way. From understanding the goal and roadblocks to re-enforcing the importance of buy in from stakeholders and using pushback as a tool to adapt, the design thinking process shared establishes a path to create effective and lasting change.
M. Napier
It was great to learn the root cause analysis for organizational issues and the need to start the initiative with a process analysis. It was also interesting to see the timeline of organizational change in terms of emotional responses from beginning to end. The pre-work videos were great! Helped to hit the ground running in the interactive ses...
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K. Moran
I have gained insight into the pathways to the Boardroom, understanding of roles & responsibilities of Board members, Board bio and resume, and met incredible women and a new community. It was a nice opportunity to take the time out for myself to learn and grow.
S. Staples
I learned to recognize the ways different personalities communicate
J. Jaeger
Lots of insights that I can take back to my career. Definitely achieved the goals I set for this course.
J. Gregov
I was very impressed with the format and content of this course. Pat helped me identify different decision making styles and the criteria needed to decided on which style to use. In addition, styles I tend to use and not use - I am going to explore why I choose the styles I do and based on past decisions, would I decide the same way again.
G. Verster
Overall a great class! I really enjoyed the theory, insights, stories and the connections and am confident this will help me grow as a leader. Pat was an outstanding instructor, using the virtual tools very effectively, landing the message and theory effectively, and taking time to get to know everyone personally through ad-hoc personal question...
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S. Dennon
I was recommended this course by my supervisor and though she spoke very highly of it, it still exceeded all of my expectations. I truly appreciated Dr. Bettin's depth and breadth of knowledge and how he was able to translate that into easily digestible information, both academic and practical. Models and frameworks will help in my day to day w...
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H. Bowden
One of the best classes I have been to in a while. Both the professor and material were excellent.
A. Weigle
Excellent course - both material and instruction. The materials were relevant and Pat made the virtual instruction engaging. Great use of technology. I appreciated having some pre-work that allowed me to receive feedback on strengths and weaknesses. I learned so much about how I currently make decisions, and where I can and should adapt styles...
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N. Linn
Great explanations, good examples with the case studies
J. York
I learned so much! The course was excellent, especially in light of Covid and the challenges of meeting online. I appreciated the broad spectrum of topics (financial accounting vs. managerial accounting vs. finance) and thought the level of detail was exactly right. The course gave me a good overview of each topic while also going into enough...
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A. Keene
The class content was helpful for reinforcement and practice. The connection with other professionals outside of [my company] was educational and refreshing as it helped to see what other people in other industries are facing. We are all people, we all have different styles and knowing how to gain trust makes for a meaningful connection.
R. Ellis
M. Cutter
I gained confidence on how to make the improvement with virtual teams and how to make everyone feel important in the organization.
C. Ritchie
In addition to the day to day improvements for our Team, I gained an understanding of how to evaluate the dynamics and structure of our Team to improve moving forward. The Minimize | Manage | Mend process is something that we will utilize in our processes for our business.
M. St. Peter
The class helps you to come away with several "tools" to make your virtual teams more effective. We discussed several problem areas and developed ideas/actions to overcome.
J. Mintling
The main value I gathered is that building remote virtual teams is a unique opportunity to do team building that should have been done before going virtual. Many challenges we are seeing in my group were in many cases pre-existing; an indication that we weren't team building very well. The material provided offers great learning and perspectiv...
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L. Larsen
I realized how much my team relies on certain communication methods in our new environment. I am excited to look at a formal process to improve this.
M. McIntire
There was a lot of good content about leading teams, and the resources provided were an excellent compliment to the class lecture.
A. Zuvela
I gained a ton of great insight into identifying different bias pitfalls. I realized how prone to them I was and will likely continue to be without a lot of conscious effort.
L. Sharik
Becoming aware of my own biases during decision making was very eye-opening and will help not only in how I process information and make decisions, but also in how I will present information. Also extremely helpful in the kinds of questions I should be asking my team when they present information related to a project or issue that needs to be re...
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M. Thomas
I gained a larger perspective on decision models with more complete and up-to-date insight into cognitive biases that occur in decision making.
G. Ossa
I have gained a better lens with which to understand the systematic approach to decision making.
T. Herr
I will be able to use this to evaluate a current potential acquisition we are evaluating right now so this is very relevant and valuable.
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