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Director Talent Management
VCI is an outstanding partner! While VCI has deep expertise and well defined solutions, they remain nimble and flexible in their approach to help us get where we want to go.
VP of IT and Innovation
VCI’s approach helped to create the mindset, develop the skillset and provide the toolset we needed to move innovation forward as an organization.
Director of IT and Innovation
The BeThinkAct™ process allows me to be nimble in my approach and yet ensures we don’t miss important steps along the way. Just as importantly, the user experience has always been positive. While they may not see it in beginning, it reveals itself along the way and by the end, it makes a lot of sense.
Content Manager
We feel like we are in an Innovative Journey during the certification where we are enriching our minds and our understanding for innovation. Thanks for such a great experience that VCI brings to us!
Innovation Project Manager
BeThinkAct™ is a welcoming process that gives clarity around how I innovate, rather than doubt about whether or not I can innovate. As a result, we are able to generate a tremendous amount of energy and velocity around innovation in a short amount of time.
Chief Transformation Catalyst
What a great course! I really liked the model and the compelling and engaging videos and progression through the 8 tasks. I especially liked the optional exercises that were included and the support materials (i.e., posters, handouts, curriculum booklet, etc).
Sr. Organizational Development Specialist
Far from fueling a dependency on them for consulting or delivery services, VCI has built an impressive suite of support resources that truly advance the practical application of the Innovation Styles® Inventory for greater individual and business success.
HR Generalist
I really appreciate the fact that you have weekly follow-ups scheduled after the main body of the course. This is what I see lacking in almost every single class or online course I have ever taken. VCI knocks continued learning out of the park. Following up to verify learning has been applied is so important.
Project Leader
Recently, we proposed four options, including one from a junior team member; the client actually accepted the junior’s idea for design. The work is now 80% complete and the design will work. So now, in team huddle meetings, I reinforce that we don’t discard ideas just because they are from juniors.
Director of IT and Innovation
The BeThinkAct™ process is practical and can be used across a small or large challenge with equal outcome. It is simple and effective and can be applied quickly and easily.
Director Talent Management
The VCI BeThinkAct™ process is holistic, rich and practical in its design, which makes it relatable for any person and scalable to any challenge.
VP of IT and Innovation
The workshops made it possible for department heads and plant managers to take innovation back to their teams and begin using a process that was tangible and practical.
Innovation Project Manager
The Quick Trip (BeThinkAct) process is immediately relatable, intuitive and easy to implement – facilitators can learn the process quickly and participants can actively engage.
Leadership Coach
The course was very useful in terms of learning about new concepts and understanding a completely new dimension of innovative thinking.
Senior Project Manager
Normally, the senior guys determine what’s to be done and then tells the team what to do. Now I’m bringing the whole team to the “buffet table” to offer their ideas. They all feel more involved and responsible. They are more motivated as they understand the issues and give their ideas.
Senior Account Manager
The styles gave me a lot of energy, and trained me to think more innovatively. Now I see more times when I was, and could be, innovative in my work.
Service Design Specialist
This versatile thinking model is highly relevant in our workplaces because this makes each individual's strengths productive and differences invaluable.
Leadership Coach
The clear and precise innovation process questions help to map the proposal or the experiences of a completed project in a very logical and comprehensive manner.
Director Talent Management
VCI’s framework for enabling innovation makes it very easy to find what you need based on where you are in your innovation journey. Their well-developed, evidence-based content is available in all delivery methods (online, in-person, certification).
General Manager Operations
VCI's Innovation Styles® tool opens up the opportunity for people to be versatile in their innovative thinking and brings in harmony amongst the team as they are now able to appreciate the innovativeness of their team members.
Professor and Consultant
Rave reviews for your workshop and presence. The “old-timers” say it was the best strategic planning event ever. The newbies liked it as well. And of course, everyone was charmed by Debra’s delivery.
Senior Account Manager
I shared with my team what I learned in the workshop. When there’s an issue, we’re looking for innovative new ways of doing things, without staying settled and comfortable in the old ways. The relationship between team members and myself has improved, and our client is seeing many good recommendations.
General Manager Operations
Participating in VCI workshops gave me a new paradigm of Innovation. While going through the Innovation process offered by VCI, I could see the ingredient that is grossly missing in all other approaches to innovations: Human Values. It is one of the answers to fulfill the possibility of satisfaction and fulfillment for human beings, be it about ...
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Senior Account Manager
I used to start working on a project right away without questioning and listening. Now I make sure I get more clarification from my clients on specific issues. I see that I can use the innovation process with my clients to design the best way to improve the information flow between us.
Director Talent Management
VCI provides elegant, human-centered solutions for learning and enabling innovation. Whether it is preparing leaders to set the strategy around innovation, or equipping managers to implement programs for innovation, or enabling employees to apply innovation to their daily work, VCI has it covered!
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