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Clare S., U.K.
This course is full of very useful tips. It is very engaging and makes us wanting to know more. . Thank you, great course would recommend it anyone.'
John C., China Expert
This program could not have been more timely information on inter-cultural businesses dealings in our new virtual world.  This is an extremely important subject for companies to understand.Your “Jeparady” game show format of asking questions at the end was both engaging and fun!
Coral T.
I found this program when travel was eagerly on my mind and wild in my heart. It helped me make my dream seem both realistic and possible. I would highly recommend it for any of your personal or professional motivation for travel. My instructor had a wealth of knowledge in her many years of worldwide experience and expertise.
Brenda is a fantastic trainer, her knowledge in the subject is so valuable and she certainly is giving lots of information to enable working in different countries. From small details that you don't think about to the more ethical conduct this is a very interesting course.
Joseph R, International Trade
Our program was engaging, practical, humorous and illustrative throughout the session, and our presenter made the topic fun.  The structure and content were excellent and I would highly recommend this course to any success oriented company.  Many thanks for a great seminar!
Eric I, VP
The world has become a small village. Some organizations do business virtually across the globe and across different cultures. This program helped me with international business effectiveness when working virtually.
Daniel C.
"Your session was excellent.  I have received many great compliments from the participants about your remarks and the tips you shared. Thanks for making a difference!"
Eric I, Financial Services
Some organizations do business across the globe and across different cultures. WorldWide Connect's program helps you to work globally and improve international business effectiveness to become very successful.
John C.
I was impressed with the messaging and particularly with the delivery style. I thought the “Jeparady” game show format of asking questions at the end was engaging and fun!
Joseph R, International Trade
Worldwide Connect did a phenomenal job teaching Working Virtually with the World and keeping the participants engaged the entire time.  Competency in this skill is essential for success in the current environment -- every business person needs it.
Claire S.
The course is well worth taking if you are doing business globally and need to understand culture differences better.
Kannan R., Global HR
The training burst through a lot of myth and belief about people in different cultures. It also took me through why people are behaving in a particular manner and how do we provide a great experience to the people.
Patricia C, International Trade
Our trainees commented on the in-depth content, polished presentation, real-life examples, and engaging style that made the sessions fun and relevant!
Dale W., US Expat
This was a useful program that will help us enjoy our time in Kuala Lumpur. The awareness of cultural styles and norms will help me be effective in my new role.
Laura T., Expatriate
The program was a very comprehensive approach to understanding local customs, heritage, and differences. I have a better appreciation for the country and region.
Mason W., Global Mobility
The Global DISC is a fantastic resource!  It is helpful in ensure we use our unique personalities, strengths, and weaknesses to work together effectively.
Nile V., Hong Kong
The two-day program provided invaluable tips for daily life as big picture cultural insights.
Barry T., Malaysia
Valuable information. Well-qualified instructor with background well-suited to the subject matter. Extremely relevant to the job function in SE Asia.
Nicolas V., UK Expat
I think it is great for people to have the opportunity this program as it helps with aligning the expectations and also answering a lot of the questions that anyone will have when moving to a different country. I like the way it is customized to the specific needs.
Alejandro S., Colombia
I really enjoyed the program content, style, and useful tips. The trainer is very good at bringing the information that is relevant and explaining real life situations.
Dala S., Financial Services
There is just too much margin for error and getting off on the wrong foot without the proper preparation and education.  In my humble opinion, this should be a “must” as the damage that can be done simply by not knowing or understanding local culture can be very difficult to mend, and in certain situations, irreversible.
Jude C., India Expat
I thought the program was invaluable. I tried to do my homework before coming to India, but there is nothing like someone who grew up in India providing cultural insight.
R Kannan, Global HR
The Global DISC helped me to be a better leader knowing how to influence and communicate with people based on each of their DISC profiles.
Trish C.
This session was ranked #1 compared to all the other sessions of our 3 day event and received the most write-in compliments.
R. Kannan, VP of HR
This training helps me to prepare and sharpen my leadership acumen in different environments and cultural situations. It will further enhance my contribution towards the growth of my company.
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